Reasons Why Your Pillow Is Flat And How to Fix It

Pillows provide an additional luxury when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. You could easily sleep without pillows, but they offer comfort and relaxation. They also give neck, head, and spine support. They get used all night long, so it’s no surprise that they become flattened. And we find ourselves tempted to replace them with new ones on a year-to-year basis.

A flat pillow isn’t like a flat tire. This association may be easy to make. However, a “flat” pillow is an intentionally smaller version of a regular pillow intended to support certain sleeping positions. If your pillow has gone flat, but you don’t wish to replace it with another one, you can make it right back to the original condition. Keep reading to know the reasons why your pillow is flat & how to fix it.

Life Span of a Pillow

Pillow has a certain period. Although we don’t necessarily need to replace pillows every year, it is reasonable to expect that we will have to replace them at least twice a year. But the material you choose for your pillow will prolong your pillow’s life.

As polyester pillows are expected to last for at least two years.  Feather and silk pillows last 5-10 years. Let’s take a look at this material which can help you to keep your pillow too fluffy for a long time.

Reasons Why Your Pillow Is Flat

Synthetic Materials

Synthetic materials made from polymer fibers, such as polyester and foam, are the most frequent filler for pillows. There are two types of foam pillows: solid-filled and shredded. When your head sinks into the pillow, solid fillers create a sensation of stability since the fill cannot move.

The shredded foam pillows provide similar support, but the fill is fluffier because it is not hard. Synthetic fillers are less expensive and these pillows don’t go flat easily.

Natural Material

Natural filled materials have been utilized for a long time. The most popular fillers include feathers and down, wool, latex or cotton, as well as buckwheat.

Silk is the more soft and fluffy filler. Due to its scarcity, it is more costly. It’s a product of live geese. Latex pillows are available in a number of sizes, including shredded and solid varieties.

The shredded fill has the same mushy sensation as foam mattresses but bounces back considerably faster.

Reasons for a Flat Pillow

Why do pillows go flat? You might wonder. There are many reasons why pillows can become flat no matter how frequently you use them. However, some of the reasons why your pillow is flat are listed below.

Weight of the Head

The reason pillows can become flat over time is simple: your head’s weight. You don’t have to be particularly heavy or large to notice that your pillow is flat. It’s just that your pillows won’t last forever.

Pillows can last for a while, but eventually, your pillow will go flat as it was used to hold your head high for so long. Some pillows might not be flat for many years. But others might fall apart much faster. The durability of a pillow is dependent on its materials.

Moisture Exposure

Even though the pillowcases will protect your pillows from moisture, they will still expose them to moisture over time. You sweat while you sleep, so some of that sweat may get through to your pillow. This moisture could lead to your pillow becoming flat.

It’s natural to sweat; you can keep your pillowcase in place. Make sure you change your pillowcases often to avoid pillows going flat.

Dust Mites

Even something as simple as dirt mites might cause your pillow to flatten over time if not cleaned properly. To prevent this, make sure to wash your pillow every once in a while. If you do not follow these steps, you could face more serious issues with dust mites. To keep your pillow as clean as possible, you should wash it regularly.  A bed pillow is something you will use regularly.

It’s a good idea for you to take out your pillow and give it an extensive cleaning so that it can last a long time.

Hair and skin

It’s important to note that your body will shed both skin and hair while sleeping. That is an important factor in the appearance of dust mites. It can cause your pillows to become very pungent if it isn’t washed.

If you’ve been neglectful over the years, you will want to begin washing your pillow more frequently. Allergy sufferers can be troubled by dust mites. This could make it difficult to get a good night’s sleep, especially if things don’t go your way.

Reasons Why Your Pillow Is Flat

When it’s time to replace your pillow

Whether you are looking for a flat pillow or a firmer pillow, it’s important to ensure that you have a supportive pillow. If you are considering a new pillow, there is typically a reason. Maybe you’re waking up every night to adjust your pillow so that it provides enough support. Or maybe your pillow is too stiff.

Whatever the reason is, you should always change pillows at least twice a year. Doctors also recommend replacing your bed pillows at least every two years. Here are several hints that you need to purchase a new pillow soon.

Sleeping Issues

If you’re having trouble falling asleep and cannot sleep for at least 7-9 hours each night, then it might be time for your pillow to be replaced. It is necessary to get enough good night sleep.

Support Comfortably

A pillow that is too flat can cause back or neck pain. They should be replaced because pillows are intended to support comfort. Even if your pillows appear to be in good condition, you should get one that works for you.

Skin Problems

An older pillow can collect dead skin cells, dust mites, and oil that can lead to skin conditions. Acne has been associated with the things that skin comes in direct contact with. Eczema has been linked with dust mites that live off of dead skill cells in your pillows. A loose pillow that presses your face into wrinkles can cause wrinkles. Fresh pillows can correct any or all these conditions.

Trouble Breathing and Allergies

Does your nose swell? Are you snoring or stuffed up? These symptoms can suggest an allergic buildup, such as dust, pollen, or germs. You might need a new pillow to treat your chronic sinus problems or worsening allergies. Choose one that is hypoallergenic.

Any stains or smells

Take off the pillow cover, and if it looks yellowed, stained, or discolored, you may need to replace it. If your pillow smells or you cannot wash it with memory foam, it may be time to get a replacement. You can help with fluid retention and dust mites by using a pillow protector. At least once a week, the protector should be machine cleaned in hot water.

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How to Care for a Pillow

Clean your Pillow

Pillows can become unclean and discolored over time if they are not cleaned regularly. The staining is caused by body oils that have made their way into the materials used to construct the pillow’s inside.

Additionally, dust mites might gather. Dust mites are an unavoidable part of any mattress since they feed on human skin dander. Dust mite 8 can eventually increase the weight of a pillow in 8 to 10 years.

Pillows must be dry-cleaned or washed every three weeks to avoid these issues from happening. Bleach will sanitize the pillow and destroy any dust mites that might have been present. However, since the pillow acts like a sponge when it absorbs water, the fungus will grow if the cushion is not entirely dry on the inside.

Using a pillow protector will give an additional layer of protection against staining and dust mites and allow the pillow to remain covered for a longer period.

To Avoid Flattening Your Pillow

  • To keep a pillow fresh and fluffy, tumble-dry it for fifteen minutes once a week. This also helps in the killing of dust mites.
  • Wrap a tennis ball in a sock and toss it in the dryer with the cushion to get even better results. The cushion will be plump and fluffy when it is finished. It’ll be ideal for getting a good night’s sleep in.
  • Fluff the pillows using your hands before getting to bed. It is possible to squeeze and stretch the pillow continually for three to four minutes before going to bed if you hold it by the edges. It keeps the pillows puffy and prevents them from flattening.
  • You can also punch the pillows on both sides of the bed with your hands. After that, bang it on the bed to get it back into shape and even it out a little.
  • Allow the pillows to dry in the sun for a few hours once a week. If your pillows have lost their fluffiness due to moisture, sunshine can assist you in solving this problem. The fluffiness will reappear after 3 to 4 hours of exposure to the sun.

How to fix a flat pillow

In addition to periodically changing the pillowcases and washing the filler, it is important to beat the pillow from time to time, trying to straighten the fibers from all sides and fill them with air. As already mentioned, caking should be avoided, as excessive firmness or flatness can negatively affect the quality of sleep and your well-being.

How to beat a pillow

Beating a pillow is a lot like kneading dough. This procedure is quite simple:

To beat the pillow, you need to tap the filler with both hands closer to the center (this can be done both with your palms and with your fists) and immediately knead it, smoothing out all the cakes and lumps. Carefully walk around the entire perimeter of the product to evenly distribute the filler and give it its original shape. Turn the pillow cover if necessary and repeat the procedure.

However, it should be borne in mind that there are many filler options on sale, some of which have their own nuances.

From holofiber

If the holofiber balls stick together during prolonged use, then the following measures should be taken:

  1. Remove the filler from the pillow case. As a rule, in most modern products there is a zipper hole, which makes it easier to remove. If there is no such hole, then the napernik will have to be ripped open.
  2. Prepare two brushes, the first of which is a regular massage brush, and the other is a special comb, which is used to comb the thick hair of pets.
  3. Spread the tangled holofiber on the massage brush and gently comb through it with a comb, removing lumps.


Despite the formidable name, this material is more like cotton wool or synthetic winterizer, and the pillows themselves are soft, light and voluminous.

However, bamboo has disadvantages, namely quick crease and sensitivity to moisture. In the process of use, the fibers get confused, get heavy, the pillow loses its shape. If the bamboo pillow is caked, then this can be easily corrected by regularly beating the filler, after which the fibers will again become voluminous and elastic.

From swan down

Nowadays, artificial swan down is made, since the use of natural down is impractical and uneconomical. This material turns out to be very light and airy, it resists compaction well. Usually, with constant use, a pillow made of such a filler does not lose its shape and does not crumple, but it is still recommended to periodically beat it with your hands before going to bed.

From padding polyester

It is quite difficult to beat a caked synthetic winterizer, as it becomes very flat and tough, and it is difficult to return to its original shape. You can try to pull out the filler and fluff it, expand it with your hands, paying attention to, especially caked parts.

How to fluff a feather pillow

A feather pillow has many advantages, but the naturalness of the composition can lead to the accumulation and growth of harmful microorganisms inside the filler. Therefore, it should be whipped as often as possible, as this prevents caking and lump formation. If the feathers are very much strayed and compressed, they emit a smell, and even washing does not bring them to their normal state, then such a pillow should be replaced. Whipping in this case is already powerless.

How to fluff a pillow after washing

Different filler compositions have different washing requirements. The easiest way to care for artificial fibers, during drying, their material should be whipped every hour. The most difficult thing will be to wash the feathers by hand, they should be placed in special bags, and then, while drying, also beat regularly.

Pillows that don’t go flat

Classic pillows do not promise any special effect. They simply support and raise the cervical region above the mattress, leveling the position of the body on the bed. These include simple square and rectangular pillows made of down and feathers, padding polyester, and other common fillers. Caring for them is simple: they must be whipped before use, many models can be machine washed, dried naturally.

As, we are talking about flat pillows here, here is a list of pillows that do not go flat:

FAQ on why pillow is flat

Is it necessary to use a flat pillow?

Flat pillows are needed for side sleepers to preserve good head and neck posture. However, if you suffer neck problems and sleep on your back, search for a pillow that gives extra support while preserving the softness that you find pleasant.

Why do I like flat pillows?

Thin pillows are ideal for providing additional support when sleeping.
A flat pillow is an excellent choice for secondary support: If the pillow is flexible, fold it and position it between your knees while sleeping on your side to relieve tension on your hips and lower back.

Should pillows have a flat surface?

It should be thin but not too flexible. A thick pillow will drive your head backward, increasing the pressure on your lower back’s natural curvature due to the force of the pillow. Instead, maintain as much flatness as possible in your neck.

Is it more comfortable to sleep with one or two pillows at a time?

Many people sleep with two, three, and even four pillows on their bed, although the ideal quantity is just one. It is possible that sleeping on more than one pillow will put pressure on numerous parts of your body, causing discomfort in your neck and shoulders, as well as spinal alignment and posture issues.


There’s nothing more refreshing than a good night’s sleep on a comfortable, soft pillow after a hectic day at work. Fluffy pillows are a great way for you to get better sleep, no matter whether they’re new or old favorites. But eventually, the pillow will lose its fluffiness after a while. Purchasing a new pillow is a minor investment in better sleep and wellness. Maintenance is needed to get the fluffiness of the pillow.

Hopefully, this article will tell you why your pillow is flat and how to fix it; it will help you decide whether you need a new pillow or get a new one.