Why You Should Start Practicing Ergonomic Sitting Now

A good ambience in a work environment is essential to produce a high-quality output from the workers. It promotes better communication and understanding towards one another, happiness, productivity, inspiration and motivation. However, sometimes, employees can’t help but feel stressed and exhausted, no matter how uplifting and cheerful their co-workers may be. They may feel tired from work itself. Consequently, they tend to shift their focus and sit or stand in an awkward and wrong posture.

Practising an incorrect form of sitting while working can be a hazard because it can lead to various physical pain and injuries. It would be wise to choose best office chair to sit properly,or on a more technical term, ergonomically

What is ergonomics?

Ergonomics is the science of creating a good workplace condition that meets the workers’ job demands and capabilities. It is closely related to sitting properly because maintaining a good posture while working promotes a worker’s better understanding and efficiency. With the help of an Ergonomic Office Chair, you can be able to work and sit ergonomically.

Features of an Ergonomic Chair

An Ergonomic Office Chair is known to be very helpful in supporting and improving a person’s posture. It has an adjustable height, so you can adjust it according to how high or low you want it. It also has a well-padded seat and full back support, which provides you with more comfort. The backrest and headrest are also adjustable. Armrests are also available on each very convenient side.

Lumbar support is also available in this chair. It is also customizable; there is sufficient space for your seat and width. It comes in many styles and sizes. Its base also provides good stability for the overall chair. One of the best features of this type of chair is that it has wheels that let you easily move around your work area. Ergonomic chairs also conform to your body shape. It supports the spine very well and allows your joints and tissues to stay neutral and natural.

Advantages of Ergonomic Sitting

In a study conducted by the Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, about 4000 workers who started using ergonomic furniture produced reduced absenteeism to about 75%, reduced error rate up to 56%, and an increased time on task to 40%.

The improved overall workforce rate is caused by the positive effects of ergonomic chairs on the users. Because they stimulate and assist in enhancing the natural posture of a person, injuries are lessened. As a result, the workers remain healthy and strong physically. Experiencing back and neck pain in the office can lead to decreased productivity and concentration.  With the ergonomic chairs, these are reduced, and sick days are avoided.

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In turn, workers do not miss work anymore, hence the reduced absenteeism. Stress and distractions are also minimized. Workers stay more focused on the job, making better responses and decisions and less mistakes. Ergonomics also aids in reducing the overall cost of a business. Most employers cover the health insurance of their employees. If work-related injuries are diminished, the business cost is also reduced.


Whether you work in an office or at home, it is always important that you practice sitting ergonomically to ensure that your body remains strong and healthy. Utilizing ergonomic office furniture is very helpful in promoting better performance for every worker. Injuries like musculoskeletal disorders are avoided, and the overall being of a person gets more refined.

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