Why you should move to the US

Of all the countries in the world, the US happens to be the best for foreigners. As of 2019, there were over 44.9 million foreigners in the US, and of course, this number keeps increasing by the day due to the country friendly immigration policy.

Apart from the welcoming and friendly nature of the citizens, many other things attract foreigners to this country. First are the numerous breathtaking and wonderful landscapes in this country. Again, there are lots of beautiful cities with several historical monuments and cultures that will get anybody off their feet.

However, if all these doesn’t intrigue you, don’t worry! There are many more enticing things about the US that will definitely encourage you to move to the country. Here, we’ll give you reasons why you should move to the US. Let’s begin!

Lots of Job Opportunities

If you’re a job seeker, the US is definitely a place you’ll love. The country is home to many companies, starting from tech, and health to textile and pharmaceutical. So, regardless of your work experience, there is a job for you in the land of opportunities. 

Besides the attractive and sumptuous salaries, there are other benefits of working in the US. First, your job will be backed by insurance, such as compensation insurance, medical insurance, and lots more. There are also retirement benefits and you’ll be granted leave in due course.

Business Friendly Environment

The US ranked high among countries with ease of doing business. Little wonder why several giant companies’ headquarter are located here. In this country, several plans are in place to ensure businesses are run successfully. Part of them includes:

  • Friendly tax system
  • Grants or loans
  •  Good infrastructures such as airports

Also, there are lots of skilled workers. And just like the UK where you can bring in a foreign workforce through a sponsorship licence, you can also do that here in the US. But before you make such a move, speak with a US immigration lawyer. That way, your chance of success will be high.   

Another benefit of doing business in this country is that you will have access to a new market. And there are lots of investors that are ready to invest in your business. So, the US is the best for you whether you’re a startup or a corporate enterprise.

Fun-filled Atmosphere

The US has fun places for everybody, regardless of your taste. If you’re a nature enthusiast, there are several places where you can have fun to the fullest in the US. You can visit the Arches National Park, the Oregon Coast, Black Canyon of Gunnison, just to mention a few.

If you’re a night owl, there are several places for you in this country. You can always party at the ever-buzzing pubs and restaurants in this country. Some cities like Las Vegas and New Orleans even make nightlife more interesting than before.

Quality Education

The US has one of the best quality education in the world. Most of the universities and colleges in this country rank high on the list of best schools in the world. Although education can be a bit expensive in this country, there are many incentives put in place to ensure everyone, including foreigners has access to quality education.

Some of the incentives include; scholarships, student loans, work-study, and lots more.  As a foreigner, you’ll even be given the grace to work up to 20 hours per week during the school session and up to 40 hours per week during the break. So, even if you’re not on scholarships or qualified for student loans, you can only work and cater to your need.

Healthy and Delicious Cuisines

The US is not only known for its amazing job opportunities, marvelous landscapes, and quality education, but the country also boasts different rich and delicious food. Here, there are over a thousand traditional cuisines that will tantalize you. Some of them are; cheeseburgers, apple pie, hot dogs, chicken and waffles, and a lot more.

In the US, the cost of food is low, even in some of its major cities. So, regardless of your budget, there is always food for you.


One beautiful thing about the weather in the US is that it varies from city to city, thanks to the big size of the country. While the sun may shine throughout the month in Arizona, snow may fall for more than 30 days in New York without any break. You will even see desert in this country. Amazing, isn’t it? That’s just the beginning.

There are also places with tropical climates in the US. So, you can always move and live where the weather is favorable for you.


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