Why You Should Invest in Digital Marketing Right Now

Thanks to the tech and digital revolution, we’ve changed so many of our habits, that we do business online, interact via social media, exchange emails with potential partners, and negotiate on video calls. Not to mention that customers find out about brands online, even from their friends and family. Over the years, digital marketing has become the main funnel for lead generation, customer acquisition, and retention, as well as relationship management.

Today more than ever, with the health crisis moving even some of our most fundamental processes to the digital realm, companies need to use digital to be competitive and reach their customers. With so many outlets available, some brands might be reluctant to pour their resources to digital marketing, out of fear of oversaturation. Here are a few convincing arguments in favor of digital marketing to help you master your online presence in the upcoming months.

Easy to track your progress and adapt

Unless you get a response, how do you know if a customer opened and read your direct mail letter? Can you measure how many people took an interest in a billboard while driving by? Hardly so, especially without any digital tools to accompany these traditional marketing outlets. On the other hand, digital marketing is much easier to track, measure, and adjust based on your performance.

Tools like HubSpot help you measure precisely what kind of impact your campaigns are making, where you could be doing better, and what kind of improvements you should introduce for future campaigns. You can track social media mentions, brand tags, and track engagement on your website with click-through rates and lead generation tools. Not to mention that you can streamline and automate a bunch of menial processes in order to focus on the creative portion of your marketing.

Boosting your local market visibility

Big and small companies alike need to focus on a specific group of customers in order to stand out. Especially when your business operates in a localized, yet highly developed market like Australia. Boosting your local visibility is only possible with a strong digital marketing strategy. Experts such as AdVisible help Australian businesses achieve just that though highly specialized local strategies.

From smart SEO strategies targeting the local audience, all the way to monitoring your website performance and social media footprint, you can maximize your local potential with the help of digital. It requires an in-depth understanding of your audience, but thanks to all the aforementioned analytics tools, you gain unparalleled access to customer data and their preferences to make sure that your digital strategy plays in your favor.

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Elevating brand awareness and engagement

Word-of-mouth marketing is still an essential component of getting the word out about your business. That process has evolved into its more digital version, where people can share their brand experiences, mention the brand’s shortcomings or praise them for their excellent work. Working, for example, with influencers through platforms such as Tagger can help you manage your campaigns and understand precisely how people talk about your business.

Then again, regular customers leaving reviews and testimonials can have an equally powerful effect on future customers and new visitors on your site. When they talk about your brand on social media, ask questions in comments, or share your articles, you make your presence known to others in their own networks, elevating your brand awareness.

Improving your reputation and authority

Digital marketing is not just about creating your reputation. It’s even more so about managing it properly in case a negative review pops up or someone mentions your brand in a negative context. Thanks to software like SEMrush, you can track your brand mentions, and create a strategy to mitigate any potential damage or use the opportunity to elevate your brand even higher in the SERPs.

Add to that, digital marketing tools help you track all the reviews posted on sites other than your own. That means that you can thank each customer personally for their kind words, or get a chance to redeem yourself when you’ve made a mistake – if that happens, of course.

Targeting the right customer groups

Some traditional marketing campaigns are a bit of a “hit and miss”, so there’s always a risk of reaching people who don’t really have a need for what you’re offering. Traditional TV and radio adverts, for example, have a huge bandwidth, but targeting has always been more difficult than with digital outlets.

In fact, digital tools help you target extremely specific and narrow customer groups based on various key parameters that you can determine. You can also retarget previous site visitors and buyers personally, with customized discounts and offers that help you reach precisely the people who can use your brand.

Now more than ever, digital marketing is helping small businesses earn a more robust presence online while empowering larger businesses to connect to their customers on a more personal, meaningful level. No matter how challenging the times might be, digital outlets are there to help maximize your business potential and enable you to reach the right people at the right time.

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