Why Should Your Company Hire Remote Developers: 7 Top Reasons

In the past year, remote work has become a routine for most companies—thanks to the COVID-10 pandemic. Most companies started encouraging their employees to work remotely in order to meet the guidelines set by authorities to curb the spread of the virus. Other companies started hiring remote workers—especially if their employees didn’t adapt to remote working. 

Remote developers were some of the most sought after during this period for various reasons. While some companies are still unconvinced about hiring remote developers, others are fully reaping the benefits of such employees. From increased productivity to reduced operational costs, hiring remote developers comes with tons of benefits. 

In this post, we shall help you understand why your company should hire remote developers. Read on for more information.

Increased productivity

A report released by IEEE indicates that the productivity of developers is directly related to a variety of tasks, as well as the freedom to work remotely. Another study indicates that working away from the office increases productivity by 13%. 

Remote developers have the opportunity and freedom to work during their most productive periods. For instance, a developer might be more productive between 9 pm to 2 am. Such a developer might have a challenge when working on the normal 9 – 5 schedule. Since remote developers mostly work from their homes, they know how to plan their schedules to meet your expectations. Besides, they can add a lot of value to your in-house development team, thus helping to create a better product. 

Hiring remote developers allows you to tap on the wider pool of global talent

Most companies have a challenge when it comes to finding experienced developers. What they don’t understand is that most of these developers are freelancers, and work remotely. That means you shouldn’t have a challenge in finding the right developers when you start searching for an ideal candidate abroad. This way, it’s easier to access experienced developers, with the right skills.

One notable thing about the IT sector is that the skill set needed is almost the same—regardless of your geographical location, or where the developer comes from. Besides, developers use the same languages when writing a code, which makes it easier for businesses to find developers from any location across the world. 

Reduced employment costs

When you hire full-time developers, it means they will be working from the office. Now, think of the costs associated with having full-time employees. From health and unemployment insurance to allowances and bonuses, all these can lead to increased costs. However, that’s not the case if you hire remote developers. Typically, remote developers will work remotely, meaning they cannot get the benefits that in-house developers get. Thus, you will end up saving a lot of money for your company in the long run. 

Saves you money

The professionals from Allshore, dedicated .NET developers staffing company say that you will not need to invest in non-essential utilities when you hire remote developers. Thus, you will end up saving money for more essential services—and still, get the services you needed from the remote developers. This is very important, especially if you are just starting the company. 

Better employee retention

Statistics indicate that companies that support remote working culture have managed to boost employee retention by over 10%. This is good news for many employers since most of them are having a challenge in keeping up with the ever-changing work mindsets. Besides, a report by Gallup indicates that 60% of developers get openings for new job opportunities, and 21% of developers switched jobs in 2020. This shows that developers aren’t interested in job security. However, hiring remote developers will ensure that you don’t struggle with this. Your developers will be committed to completing your project before moving on to the next client. 

24/7 support

Today’s world has become a place for immediate actions and instant gratification. So, if your website is down, users will expect the issue to be resolved within minutes, not hours or days. Besides, your application needs debugging, which needs to be done quickly. This can be a challenge to achieve, not unless you have a dedicated team working 24/7—which is not possible. Hiring remote developers means you can have a 24/7 support team, especially if they are from a different time zone. 

Promotes positive habits in the workplace

Generally, remote software development teams have proved to approach work with more efficiency. Since written communication is the most used channel of communication, it becomes much easier for remote developers to share and exchange reports with their employers. Besides, the lack of direct supervision demands a sense of responsibility and discipline from you as the employer—and this allows you to collaborate with developers with the required talent. Besides, since remote developers have the high motivation of being a self-starter, they are always looking for new techniques to benefit your company. 

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, remote developers are more interconnected than in-house developers are. Besides, hiring remote developers reduces your workload drastically, thus assisting you to focus on efficiency and productivity, instead of managing a sustainable work environment. 

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