Why Is THC-O Acetate Getting All the Attention?

THC has a more stable following in the market, butTHC O products by TRE House has shaken up the market recently. You must have heard of this compound when cannabis products come to light.

Both THC and THC-O technically come from the plant. So what is it that makes THC-O so different from THC- and popular too? Let us find out why THC-O has been getting the hype from potential customers and its effects.

What Is THC-O Acetate?

THC-O Acetate, or just THC-O, is a hemp-based compound. Like other cannabinoids, it is naturally present in the hemp plant- but in small quantities. Manufacturers can create the synthetic form of THC-O with some changes to THC. Manufacturers take THC molecules present in hemp and add acetic anhydride to them. Upon doing so, the mixture becomes an acetate. So the initial THC gets converted into THC-O acetate after the addition.

The origin of THC-O dates back to the 40s, but it has gained popularity only recently. After the Farm Bill in 2018, the compound gained attention from users. It is currently more popular among regular THC users than beginners.

How Is It Different from Regular THC?

In a book by Michael Starks, he explored the potency of various marijuana compounds. Upon studying them, he found that THC-O might be almost three times more potent than regular THC.

The high given by THC is one of the strongest ones of any cannabis compound. Many people also compare it with Delta-8 and Delta-10, but it is the opposite. While Delta-8 and-10 preserve the benefits of cannabis and reduce the high, THC-O does the opposite. The products present in the market are similar to other THC products. Many people have shown their disapproval of the compound due to the high risk of abuse.

How Is The THC-O High?

Many people wonder just how intense the THC-O can get. Previous users reported that the effects are highly psychedelic when using THC-O products. Psychedelic effects include hallucinations, nausea, and visions.

After you consume it, you can feel psychoactive effects on your mind. Lots of users adore these effects and opt for it to achieve these. On the other hand, some users despise this effect and steer clear of this substance.

Additionally, you can get auditory, visual, and other hallucinations in the duration. Of course, these effects are different with various doses. The mild doses might bring few hallucinations, while the highest amounts might come with extreme hallucinations.

Does It Have Health Benefits?

Many studies found the endocannabinoid system to have immense potential medically. The benefits of THC-O often overlap with those of THC. These two have a common origin and thus share some similar benefits to the users. With cannabinoids and our endocannabinoid system, many issues can get curbed.

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Many people use this to help alleviate pain in their bodies. Similarly, other users use this compound to deal with stress in their life. Other benefits like reducing cancer cell growth have preliminary evidence but are not confirmed yet. With further research on the compound in the future, we can expect clear statements on its benefits.

Are There Side Effects After Consumption?

A majority often think that THC products, in general, are unsafe for use by users. However, many instances reveal that these products are only harmful when inappropriately dosed. Hence, most THC-O side effects may be overdosing and not by default. Some common side effects a user might get after using the drug are nausea, vomiting, hallucinations, anxiety, drowsiness, extreme moods, etc.

Remember that these are not essential and might not happen at all. It becomes essential in light of these effects to perfect the dose of your THC-O product. It would ensure that you do not get any such side effects. You can begin with the smallest possible amount and work your way up.

What to Keep in Mind?

THC-O Acetate
THC-O Acetate

Though THC and THC-O have similarities, experts have pleaded with users to practice more caution with the latter. Since the compound has such intense effects on the user, the excess amount may be harmful. For users who want to begin their THC-O experience, tips are essential.

Here are some things to keep in mind if you wish to sue THC-O for an ideal experience:

  • Don’t Begin with THC-O- If you have not yet tried any cannabis or psychoactive compound, it might not be ideal. As mentioned above, it is highly psychoactive and may be overwhelming. If you start with THC-O, you might not enjoy the experience as much. So you can begin by using THC or Delta 8 and Delta 20. If you find those bearable, then you can move to THC-O.
  • Buy Trusted Products- Since THC-O products are still rare in the market, selecting the right brand is essential. Always go for trusted brands with high customer praise. You can also see if the brand has its products third-party tested or not. Known brands tend to provide well-tested and approved products, making their products bearable. You can find your favorite products mixed with THC-O like gummies, vapes, etc.
  • Start with The Lowest Possible Dose- Even if you are a regular THC user, start with the smallest possible dose of the drug. It is highly potent and psychoactive- so the slightest overdose can take a toll on your body. Begin by taking the smallest dose- like one puff of a vape. If you find it tolerable, then gradually increase the amount as you go.
  • Steer Clear of Technical Tasks- Try to avoid tasks requiring technical thinking after consuming the substance. Try to avoid activities like driving since the psychoactive effects may hinder you. It would become dangerous for you to do such activities while enjoying it. Especially if you are using high doses, it is best to sit back and relax in your home.


THC-O is a popular compound nowadays due to its extra potency compared to THC. The high you get after consuming it is distinct and far intense. It is also why people want to give it a try too. But for such a potent compound, the amount taken is essential to regulate. A user must be careful of their dosing to ensure their safety. Now that you know what THC-O brings to the table, you can try it out with caution.