Why Is It Important to get help after Losing Teeth?

Our teeth are our prized possessions. But they are also the most ignore possessions. Especially if it is the teeth at the back of your mouth that are not easily visible to another person. Per reports of the American Dental Association, an average American adult has 3 to 4 missing teeth at a time. While it may seem trivial and nothing seems to be affected immediately, Dentist in Northborough MA highlight those untreated areas of missing teeth create multiple problems. With problems ranging from a hampered smile to difficulty in chewing, here are a few problems that are bound to occur if missing teeth are not catered to.

  1. Problematic chewing: While it may not be evident initially, a missing tooth can change the way you chew. The primary function of our teeth is to chew, so when even one of them goes missing, the whole machinery starts to develop a problem. Not being able to properly chew in turn affects the digestion, nutrition and hampers the health production of saliva that aids digestion and washes away bacteria in the mouth. It is hence absolutely necessary to visit a dentist in Northborough MA to get your missing tooth problem looked at.
  2. Speech issues: While this may not be prominent with one tooth loss but if you lose multiple teeth, speech may be severely impacted. These lost teeth cause a reduction in bone density and hence the loss of healthy gum tissue. This lost density then begins to impact the way you speak. Slutting and inability to pronounce or make certain sounding words, specialty the ones that require your tongue to touch the teeth, follow with tooth loss.
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  1. Teeth shifting: When you lose a tooth and leave the gap as is, there is more room caused for the surrounding teeth to shift. This may also lead to crowding which causes long-term problems such as painful bite misalignment. Crowded teeth also make it difficult to reach decay which puts these other teeth also at the risk of falling. Hence, a Cosmetic Dentist Northborough will always show stress that what seems like a small issue, may actually trigger more teeth loss and larger oral issues that may be seriously painful.
  2. Increased risk of teeth fractures: Missing teeth don’t just change the shape of your facial landscape but also makes it more susceptible to further damage. One such possible damage is a jaw/ cheekbone fracture. This is primarily because the bone volume in the jawbone reduces radically once you lose multiple teeth. The lost volume leads to weak jawbones that are more susceptible to damage upon even minor impact.
  3. Lost confidence: Missing teeth cause changes in the smile and sometimes you also avoid smiling at all to avoid embarrassment. This changed appearance of one’s face leads to a loss of confidence in at least about 23%people as per a study of the American Dental Association and a further loss in ability to get a job in about 28% of people.

Hence, it is absolutely important to get your professional help every time you lose a tooth. You can always reach out to your reliable Cosmetic Dentist Northborough MA at Lavana Family Dental to get your oral issues addressed in time and get your facial structure and smile back in place!

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