Why is Dental Care so Expensive?

Let me begin by saying that politics are not my forte, so I’m going to avoid getting political here, but I will say that the policies regarding medicine in the United States are rather atypical for the developed world. You see, though, it’s not that medicine is any cheaper anywhere else, as pharmaceutical companies will demand their pound of flesh no matter what. And, within reason, any company is in business to make money. However, in many other countries, the stuff is manufactured locally, which greatly reduces this price, whereas in the United States, it has to be imported anyhow, driving the price up that good bit more.

On top of this, the expenses of the medicine aren’t waived in other countries, rather, they are just reflected in taxation rather than a high shelf price. This can make dental care at home a problem in the United States, because while there does exist assistance for those of a certain low financial bracket for life-or-death medications, top oral care products aren’t considered such a necessity. Unless a tooth infection becomes truly septic, dental care will not kill you, but it certainly impacts your quality of life, now doesn’t it?

This is why you should buy oral care products online, where you can get them cheaper from other countries. You see, as a citizen of the United States, you can get products or dental care at home at a much cheaper price thanks to the loophole created by how they cover the cost of medicine in their country.

What loophole?

As a citizen of another country, you are not paying into their tax system, meaning that the usual offset for the cost of medicines does not impact you. Aside from small customs and shipping fees, you actually do get that medicine at the reflected shelf price, which is much lower. These are the same medications that you get at a pharmacy in the United States, and if you are willing to shop for generic top oral care products, which are also exactly the same, can save even more money.

Is this legal?

Yes! You can get products or dental care at home, you can buy top oral care products, and you can buy oral care products online absolutely legally from other countries. As long as the FDA has approved the medication in question, and if a prescription is required, you have set prescription, there is nothing stopping you from purchasing it across borders. It would actually be a violation of the Bill of Rights as well as various treaties with allied nations to prevent you from doing business with them outside our borders.

As I said, if you shop for these products with generics in mind, you can save even more, upwards of 50 to 60% in some cases. Don’t let dental care be neglected simply because products like that are so costly in United States, and don’t let your ridiculously-high co-pay impose upon you by what little health benefits you may have in this country stop you from living a better, healthier life.

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