6 Reasons Why Franna Crane Hire Makes the Most Sense for Your Next Job!

If you’re working in construction, it’s more than likely you will require a crane at some point. One of the more popular options used around Australian job sites is without a doubt a Franna crane.

With the various rental options on the market, you can easily make use of the Franna crane hire Melbourne and other Australian cities are renowned for. With their versatility, Franna cranes are ideal for just about any job site!

What Are Franna Cranes?

Franna is a popular Australian brand of pick and carry cranes that easily dominate the crane rental market. Similar to mobile cranes, the Franna models are designed to travel on public roads. This make it easy to transport them to and from various job sites.

Franna Crane Hire Makes the Most Sense
Franna Crane Hire Makes the Most Sense

Unlike mobile cranes, Franna cranes have no outriggers or stabiliser legs. This is because they’re designed with the intention of lifting a load and carrying it to its destination. These nifty cranes can easily pick up heavy loads at one job site and carry them to a different site.

Franna Crane Hire – The Best Options for Any Job Site!

Franna cranes have been around since the early 80s and have earned their place among the list of great cranes to use around small and large construction sites. Keep reading to see why hiring one of these versatile machines is the best option.

Franna Cranes Are Streamlined

One of the features that make Franna cranes so popular is their size. Ordinarily when you think of hiring a crane, you might anticipate a much larger machine. With their slimmer designs, Franna cranes are perfectly suited for small, narrow spaces. Jobs in alleyways or behind existing buildings suddenly got a whole lot easier!

Heavy Duty Lifts Aren’t a Problem

There are times when some really heavy equipment or materials need to be moved around on the jobsite. The good news with a Franna crane is the exceptional weight capacity they have.

With their functionality they’re better suited to transporting materials between various job sites. So, if you’re taking one site apart to rebuild at another location, this machine is the right crane for the job!

Faster Work Process

With its power assisted steering and versatile efficiency you’ll have a faster work process. This makes it possible for you to complete your construction period in a shorter period than you might have anticipated. Finishing a project early saves money on labour costs and we don’t have to tell you what a bonus that is!

Variety of Models Available

Another plus point for hiring a Franna crane is the variety of models on offer. This makes it easy to hire the best model for the job on hand. The weight restraints of different loads and the various spaces you need to work in will determine the model you need.

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A few of the more common models available include the following:

  • Franna AT22: Carries a load of 22 tons and features a nifty working radius of 22ft”1.4m.
  • Franna AT40: Boasts a maximum lifting capacity of 40 tons as well as an articulated 3-axle design for superior turning abilities.
  • Franna 12T: With a 1.53m working capacity radius, this smaller crane has a lifting capacity of 12 tons. It’s ideal for smaller workspaces.
  • Franna Mac25 Super lift: With a capacity of 25 tons, this powerful little machine is ideal for relocating machinery. With a Super Lift Kit that works together with an existing MAC25 counterweight, the machine’s capacity is increased by at least 30%.

A Simple Rental Process

Any experienced project manager will confirm that it’s often easier and more economical to hire machinery rather than buying a new machine with each requirement. Some of the advantages of renting include the following:

  • No need for storage costs between job requirements.
  • Maintenance and servicing tasks are the responsibility of the rental company.
  • You can pick the model with the best technological features for your job, without buying new equipment each time you need a new feature for a new job.
  • Repairs to the unit won’t interfere with your schedule as the rental company will simply bring you another unit.
  • Rental allows you to use the machine ONLY for the days you’ll need it.
  • Depending on the rental agreement you opt for, a certified operator is included in the package. This is ideal since a Franna crane operator requires a crane licence to operate the boom or jib.

Road Legal

We’ve mentioned that the Franna crane can easily transport loads from one site to another. This can even take place using normal roads, legally.

A certified operator can easily drive them on public roads without any hassle, such as asking special permission or hiring additional trucks to move your crane. Since Australian law allows Franna cranes to travel at 75km/h, these machines can move quickly and safely from one job site to the next.

Final Thought

It’s not difficult to see why Franna cranes are the most popular options for renting cranes. With their features, durability, and versatility you’ll get so much more done on your job sites from now on!