Why Do You Need A Car Alarm on Your Vehicle?

The security of vehicles is as important as homes and businesses. Many burglars are trained and specialized in stealing vehicles. Therefore, in this era where technology is taking over everything else, it is important to secure our vehicles. Installing a car alarm is one of the ways to enhance the security of your vehicle.

Although a car alarm is a simple device, it is highly effective in alerting the car owners about any suspicious activity happening with their car. By installing an alarm on our car, you can keep the burglars at bay. Let us explore all the reasons to install a car alarm on your vehicle.

Strict protection against car theft

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If you have a car alarm system installed on your car, you will be able to protect it from burglars. Whenever a burglar tries to touch your car, an alarm will sound, alerting people all around. Once the thief comes to know that your car is protected by the alarm, he will never try to come near your car.

Manual alarm

Many alarm systems now allow manual alarms to be sounded or turned off, so if you’re having trouble finding your automobile in the parking lot, with the push of a button, your security system can be activated so you know to know where your vehicle is. When you press the button on your car keys, your car will give a beep and the indicator lights with start blinking to let you know where you parked your car.

Smartphone app

Nowadays, car alarm systems come with Android and iOS apps that allow you to remotely turn alarms on and off. This app will give you better control system for your car safety. The smartphone app also gives you many other features like remote locking system, car tracking, remote start etc. It means, the car alarms available now are not only alarms but complete security systems.

Advanced alarm system

The advanced alarm system will allow you to be recognized on your car when you walk away. There are also additional safety features, which also means fire and smoke. The present-day car alarms come with features that alerts you when there is fire or smoke near your car. Even if your car engine gets too hot on long drives, it may alert you with a beep. In the new cars, the alarms and security systems are integrated with the ECU of the car.

Insurance costs down

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In newer and older model vehicles, installing an alarm system can often reduce your auto insurance premium. You will pay a lower premium than those who do not have a security system installed on their cars. Safety and security are among the metrics that insurance companies use to calculate the overall cost of your insurance. If your auto theft risk is reduced, it usually comes with any insurance company to reduce the cost of your insurance.

Car fleet

If the cars are stolen from a manufacturing company or dealership, it has a negative impact on the productivity of its cars. Employees rely on their vehicles to attend meetings, deliver products, and meet with customers. Installing a car alarm can reduce chances of theft and the need for costly recovery or replacement.

Factory car alarm

Standard pre-installed factory car alarms exist on many modern vehicles, but if your car is an older model, it can be targeted for theft because it is less likely to have an alarm system. Upgrading your security system and car alarm can enhance the safety of your car and make it theft proof against burglars.

Gives you peace of mind

Having an immobilizer unit and an alarm installed in your vehicle will give you peace of mind knowing that your engine sounds when you are not there. Nowadays the car alarms are integrated with the immobilizer that works by offering a loud sound and the immobilizer locks the steering and engine at the same time to prevent the theft.

In addition to security alarms, you should also maintain the locks of your car as they play a vital role in keeping the vehicle secure. If your locks are not working properly, you should immediately get them repaired or replaced by a qualified locksmith.

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Final Words

These are the reasons why you need an alarm for your car. Security alarms not only benefit personal cars, but also the cars used by businesses, cab drivers, cab companies and those stocked in the dealerships. Most of the new cars come equipped with the car alarms, but if you have a base model or a car more than 10 years old, you may need to install an alarm in your vehicle. Whether you have an old or new car, a safety alarm will keep it safe against thefts.

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