Why Do So Many Websites Look The Same? And How to Make Sure Yours Is Unique?

What can be the reason behind a number of websites looking the same? At the top left corner of every website there is a logo. The page’s top pane contains a navigation menu. A dropdown menu is present underneath. Immediately after this, a large image can be present. A footer will be present at the page’s bottom. It can contain the contact information and a number of links. You will experience all these things in most of the websites.

Reason behind so many websites looking the same

  1. The worldwide web wild West (WWWWW) – Earlier there was a time when there were no sites present. After some years, the internet came into existence. Initially its name was worldwide web wild West or WWWWW. Suppose you visit a site at that time. You would see a cursor. In the holidays section, it would change into a snowflake. You could use speakers for listening to music. Just like a marquee, the screen would display the words. You would observe a blinking text.

The internet is a very good thing. Anyone could throw his ideas on it. With time several layouts were tried on it. Some of these were beneficial for the people as compared to the others. On the basis of users’ interaction with the sites, the designers and developers would make several changes in their site. A dramatic increase in their bounce rate would be observed. The reason would be the lack of interest in the visitors in navigating the web pages further. Then some changes could be made in the site like removing the music.

  1. Content management systems (CMSs) – Developing and adopting the CMS is a milestone that is so important. Before the content management system, JavaScript, CSS and HTML had been used for developing the websites by writing the hard-code. It gave the flexibility and a feature of customization to the sites. But there were some problems associated with these. It was necessary to have a knowledge of JavaScript, CSS or HTML for adding content, posts and making changes in the site. Because of this the average people could not make changes, updates or quick edits in their site. They had to take the help of programmers.

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Logging in to the sites and posting was made simple with the use of a content management system. Creating complex designs was made possible with the use of plugins, widgets and several other features. Blogspot, Drupal and WordPress are some examples of CMS.

  1. Best practices of Google – Giving the web’s complete authority to Google is the last milestone that is so important. For discovering the websites, the primary means that we use are under the control of Google. So, it becomes important here to make the site appealing to Google and we can do this with the help of a practice known as search engine optimization.

Now I am going to describe how to make sure that your website is unique.

  1. Just be yourself – It is necessary that the site exhibits the identity of your brand only. Use those visuals that give your complete description. Add ‘Meet the Team’ or ‘About Us’ page on your site. This page will help in telling the visitor about you and the services and items that your business offers.
  2. Give a demo to your audience – In order to understand the target audience perfectly, do proper research. Make the use of social proof. A good content will play a major role here. Reviews can also serve the purpose to some extent.
  3. Take the help of media – Use animation and video to drive engagement to your site. It will also help in showcasing your items and increasing the revenue.
  4. User experience – By giving a very good user experience, you can keep yourself at a very good position as compared to your competitor.

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