Why Body Contouring is An Appropriate Method For Fat Reduction

Many men and women aspire to improve their physical appearance for various reasons. It can either be post-partum issues for mothers to extreme weight loss for both genders to achieve outcomes that cannot be obtained exclusively from diet and exercise. To achieve this, body contouring helps to get to your desired size and shape. Memphis body contouring specialists at A Beautiful You Medical Spa offer non-invasive treatment processes to deal with the fat in your body and help you get satisfactory results.

Am I an appropriate candidate for body contouring?

Recently, non-invasive body contouring procedures have been on the rise. Both men and women at least want to change a specific area of their body. If you are also willing to undergo body contouring, here is how to know if you are an appropriate candidate:

·    If you want to achieve your results with no downtime and pain.

·    You do not expect a quick fix.

·    If you are close or at your appropriate body weight

·    If you are not expecting a weight loss procedure.

·    If you want to target specific areas of your body.

How does SclupSure work?

SculpSure is a fat removal treatment procedure that uses laser technology to remove fats. When you visit your doctor, you will be told to lie in a certain position. They will then mark the areas to treat in your body. SculSpure is wrapped on you like a belt, and its applicators are allowed to emit rays on the targeted part. The heat emitted kills the fat cells under your skin and does not affect the surrounding areas.

The device used fluctuates between heat and a cooling effect. During the 6-12 weeks recovery period, your body’s lymphatic system automatically removes the destroyed fat cells. If you need extra treatment, it will be done 6-12 weeks after the initial treatment.

How should I prepare?

When you visit your doctor, you should discuss the areas [FC1] you want to be worked on. Your doctor will tell you how many sessions you may need to achieve your objectives. When you decide to seek treatment, book an appointment with your doctor first to discuss it and if it suits you. Be ready to discuss your medical history and your current medications. To avoid side effects such as bruising, you may be told to refrain from using any blood thinners such as ibuprofen or aspirin some days before the treatment procedure.

How are results recovery after SculpSure?

This treatment process is a non-invasive treatment that requires little or no recovery time. This shows that you can go for treatment and immediately resume work after the process. As your body breaks down the destroyed fats, the results may be visible within six weeks after the first treatment and full results after 12 weeks. Since the cells were eliminated using laser, they will not regenerate. The appropriate fat reduction should be achieved through healthy food and exercise.

We all have different bodies. If you want to achieve desired results, book an appointment with your doctor at A Beautiful You Medical Spa and live a happy life.

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