Why Are Leased Lines Good For Businesses?

Businesses need high-speed connections to boost productivity & increase efficiency. They also rely on cloud-based services for collaboration, data backups and video calling.

Leased lines deliver symmetrical download and upload speeds, ensuring your business doesn’t suffer from slow internet or crowded networks at peak times.

Dedicated connectivity also means you won’t have to wait for full fibre broadband to arrive in your area.

High-Speed Connections

In addition to reducing cost, high speed Internet also enables companies to meet their business objectives. It speeds up the company’s daily operations and allows it to explore new possibilities.

Businesses rely on Internet connectivity more than ever before. From conferencing calls to cloud applications, they need fast speeds to upload and download large files. The slower the Internet connection, the less productive a business is.

Small businesses often choose shared Internet connections for their low prices, but they’re missing out on higher speeds and a dedicated network that offers SLA guarantees. These are important for companies that require reliability and security. In fact, studies show that the average business loses $5,600 per minute due to downtime. That’s why a dedicated Internet connection is worth the investment.

Reliable Connections

A leased line is a reliable solution for businesses that require high-speed connections to keep their operations running smoothly. This includes businesses that use cloud-based applications, such as online shopping, video conferencing and VoIP phone systems.

The leased line connection is also highly secure, which is important for businesses that store sensitive information on their network. This means you can rest assured that your data will be protected from cyberattacks and other threats.

Additionally, leased lines offer symmetric speeds for upload and download, which is ideal for businesses that transfer large data files regularly. This can help to cut file transfer times and improve productivity. This is especially beneficial for businesses that need to maintain real-time communication between offices or remote workers. This is often impossible with a broadband connection.

Greater Flexibility

Businesses that use data transfer for email, telephony and cloud storage could benefit from the fast speeds and iron-clad SLA of a leased line. Examples include financial services, where data needs to be available instantly for trading, and digital businesses which rely on a quick internet connection to run collaboration software and cloud applications.

Because a leased line is dedicated to you, it can offer symmetrical upload and download speeds, which are quicker than broadband. This means that your business can work seamlessly at all times, even at peak times when the bandwidth would be restricted on a broadband connection due to other users. In addition, a backup service is provided on a leased line which can be used to maintain a connection should the primary connection fail.

Reduced Downtime

Business rely on internet connections that are fast and reliable, so having downtime due to an unstable connection isn’t good. This could result in missed appointments, a loss of revenue and even impacting on team efficiencies and customer service.

Unlike conventional broadband, leased lines are dedicated to businesses and solely for their use. As such, peak times and heavy network usage will not cause a drop in speeds like it can do with many other connections.

Leased lines also offer symmetrical download and upload speeds, meaning data is transferred quickly in both directions. This can be very useful for businesses that regularly transfer large files. This reduces the time spent waiting for them to complete, improving productivity and efficiency. This can be important for businesses that rely on cloud services or online tools to operate efficiently.

Better Customer Service

Businesses that rely on real-time communication and collaboration over the internet will benefit hugely from a leased line. It’s also an ideal choice for e-commerce companies that need a fast and stable connection to ensure smooth transactions.

Unlike standard broadband lines, leased lines are dedicated connections that won’t be affected by other users or line congestion. As a result, they provide symmetrical upload and download speeds which is perfect for applications such as VOIP telephony, cloud back-ups and data transfer.

Additionally, leased lines tend to come with service level agreements which provide you with an SLA (Service Level Guarantee) and mean engineers are dispatched far faster if you experience problems than you would with a standard business broadband line. This is one of the most important reasons to choose a leased line over other connectivity options.