Why are Jigsaw Puzzles so Soothing and Engaging?

Completing a jigsaw may take a long while, but in the end, the feeling of achievement is worth it. From simple 50 piece puzzles to 1000 piece puzzles, jigsaw puzzles are the best pastime. Also, they are the best remedy for de-stressing and relaxing.  

Here are two reasons Australian jigsaw puzzles are soothing and engaging


Since the Covid 19 pandemic, people have been anxious and worried. However, practicing mindfulness is a way to calm your anxious nerves. Also, practicing mindfulness positively affects behaviour and learning both for adults and children. 

Mindfulness involves deliberately focusing all your attention on your present situation and accepting it. For example, when you complete jigsaw puzzles, you are distracting your mind from unpleasant situations and focus on the task– completing the puzzle. 

Furthermore, completing a jigsaw puzzle in Australia is rather absorbing. The puzzle pulls you into it, and you lose hours trying to put each piece together. Thus, you tend to forget your woes and other troubling thoughts. 

A Sense of Control and Achievement

When you’re focused on a puzzle, you’re indirectly calming your brain. With just one obstacle to surmount– the jigsaw puzzle– you can devote all your attention to it, giving you a sense of control. Also, it acts as a good way to get rid of anxiety and stress. 

Jigsaw puzzles involve you putting together scattered puzzle pieces, making them whole. Placing pieces side by side can give you a sense of calm and upliftment. In the same vein, it can cause you to become patient as you may not always get it right. 

You may need several attempts to put the pieces together. It may be daunting, but in the end, if you don’t give up, you’d have built resilience and patience. Additionally, your progress may be slow, you may feel like giving up, and you may fail severally, but if you persevere, you will get it right. Perseverance is a life skill everyone must possess.

Tips to Get the Best From Your Calming Jigsaw Puzzle

Although jigsaw puzzles can be relaxing, you can get tense when trying to solve a puzzle due to its difficulty or bad timing. For instance, you may be distracted if you are playing jigsaw puzzles when several tasks are to be done. Also, playing jigsaw puzzles during the day’s heat may not be a great idea. So here are some tips to help you get the best from your jigsaw puzzles. 

Watch your posture when solving jigsaw puzzles

If you hunch over your table while working, you may soon develop pain in your back and neck. Rather, get a comfortable space to sit. For example, you can lay on your bed comfortably or place the puzzle board on a high surface and sit upright on a chair. 

Solve puzzles at the end or start of your day

Solving puzzles increases your productivity and elevates your mood. So to start the day on the right note, you can solve a jigsaw puzzle to boost your productivity. Also, after a hectic day, you can play your favourite jigsaw puzzle to relax your tense muscles. As a result, you’ll feel accomplished and calm right before bed. 

Start by putting the outside edges of the puzzles together

If you’re a beginner at solving jigsaw puzzles, you may find it hard to complete a puzzle. However, when you start by placing the outside edges of the puzzle, you find it easy to complete your puzzle. It is because you can recognise the outside edges of the puzzle by their flat corners. 

Organise your puzzles by colour

When you organise your puzzles by colour, you know exactly where each piece belongs. Also, it reduces the possibility of getting frustrated while trying to solve the puzzle. If you find that you’re getting all worked up, take a break and return to the puzzle when you’re calm. Jigsaw puzzles in Australia aim to calm and soothe you, not get you tense.

To wrap it up

When you’re trying to complete a jigsaw puzzle, both your left-hand and right-hand sides of your brain are working together. Also, the meditative and relaxing effect of jigsaw puzzles makes them ideal for relaxation. So, unsurprisingly, one of the many benefits of meditation and mindfulness is that it propels both sides of the brain to function together and so do puzzles. Go to Smoochy Poochy to find the perfect mindfulness puzzle. 

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