Why Are Disposable Bed Liners Useful When Taking Care Of Seniors

Taking care of seniors requires plenty of considerations. You need to ensure that they are very comfortable all day. Besides making sure that they have everything they need, you must also prepare tools to make things more convenient. 

One of the major considerations is their sleeping arrangement. Seniors need adequate hours of sleep every night for their health. But according to a recently released survey, one in every 100 older adults tend to wet their bed while sleeping. To avoid such accidents, you need to have several disposable bed liners prepared all the time. 

If you have no idea what disposable bed liners are, here are several facts you need to know to understand the reasons why you must never run out of them when living with seniors. 

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What Are Disposable Bed Liners?

The disposable bed liners are the sturdy plastic lining that you use to cover your bed from liquids and any forms of moisture, especially from urine damage. It needs to be placed below or on top of the linens to absorb any leaks. 

You may also use these disposable pads to protect the mattress and other furniture from damages due to urine leaks from seniors or incontinent adults.  

Uses Of Incontinence Bed Liners

Most of the time, disposable bed liners and pads are used to keep the bed dry. But they are also used for providing comfort and better sleep to all seniors. 

Most health care providers and caretakers use disposable liners to protect surfaces from getting wet from urine. Aside from seniors and people with incontinence, they are also used by those taking care of babies and toddlers. Some also put bed liners on commodes to protect the floor underneath. You may also place these disposable liners on top of the car seat during every car ride, especially if you need to take incontinent patients on a long journey. 

How To Use Disposable Bed Liners 

If you use disposable bed liners for the first time, you need to make sure that you read the instructions properly to ensure their efficiency. Most of these products require cutting the edges of the bad without tearing the whole package. 

After opening the bag, you must pull the bottom from each side and tear it open on either side of the bag. Then take the disposable underpad from the bad and place it on the surface you want to protect. You need to ensure that the white side of the item is open to absorb all the liquids.  

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Perks Of Using Disposable Bed Liners 

There are plenty of benefits when using disposable bed liners for seniors and people with incontinence. It includes an easy and convenient way to keep the bed clean and hygienic despite accidental leaks. It is also a lightweight and discreet way to protect the mattress, which means you do not need any heavy tools to prevent urine from seeping through the bed. It also comes in various sizes to ensure full coverage.  

Conclusion Disposable bed sheets are easier to use compared to washable bed liners. You no longer need to wash it up and wait for it to dry. It is also handy and readily available, which means you do not need to worry if you must travel to a faraway place because you can buy it in most pharmacies or online stores. By keeping several packs of these bed liners, you no longer have to dread taking care of people with incontinence.

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