Why Apple Airpods Pro is Still the Best Earbuds in 2021?

AirPods Pro has revamped all the top-notch models of earbuds and is ruling in the whole market since its launch. If you are an iPhone user, you will indeed feel the usage of AirPods Pro as a luxurious experience.

None other earbuds can ever break the class that the AirPods Pro possesses. But what’s the main reason that these earbuds are still the first choice of all the people and till now they prefer this model over any other one?

We are here for you to provide a detailed note on the AirPods Pro. If you are an iPhone user and find yourself tangled in the wires of your earphones then stop fretting now. Get ready and unravel yourself with the problem of ordinary earphones because you are also going to be a part of AirPods Pro users till the ending words. You will surely fall in love with this unrivaled product after reading the whole content.

Let’s first start the content with the launching year. Apple launched this matchless product in October 2019. From then till now it is making everyone its fan with its amazing features.

The following mentioned inspiring features make it still the best one in 2021.

Here an amazing thing is, you can even get the customized AirPods by Apple from various trusted sites according to your desire. You can personalize your Apple AirPods in the way that you like the most.

Ergonomic Design:

You won’t find any solid difference between AirPods Pro and the original AirPods. But the flexible silicone tips have made this product more comfortable and easy to fit in the ears. These tips of silicone are available in three different sizes so you can find the right one according to your need.

Not just comfort, but it also claims the noise cancellation technology through these tips. Most of the other earbuds are not easy to swap out because they are not made to conform to the shape of the inner ear. But you will find this feature in AirPods Pro.

Talking about the size, they are 21.8mm in width and 30.9mm tall so don’t forget that they are much wider than the original AirPods.

The wireless charging box comes according to the size of AirPods so as the Apple AirPods Pro is wider in size same is the case with the box. The box measures 60.6mm in width, 45.2mm in height, and 21.7mm in thickness which is more than the original one.

Don’t forget to know about the weight. These are 5.4 grams per earbud and are considered third heavier than that of the standard-sized AirPods. If you are also in search of this unrivaled product, hear towards the AS2 electronics eCommerce site and have one today.

Water Resistance:

One of the main problems that people face with their earbuds is they get damaged when they come in contact. Here Apple has solved this issue by making them sweat and water-resistant. This is not just saying but the AirPods Pro has been even tested by holding under the splash of water. Most people want earbuds with the specification of being water-resistant. So here is your desired product.

Sound Quality:

The built-in speaker technology tends the AirPods Pro to provide high-end superior sound. Plus the adaptive EQ tunes the low as well as the mid frequencies of the music thus providing you with a satisfying listening experience.

Active Noise Cancellation:

No in-ear earbuds other than AirPods Pro are with the unexcelled feature of active noise cancellation. But this feature is present in the on-ear headphones of the Apple. The ANC of AirPods uses both the microphones along with the advanced software algorithm for adjusting sound beats to each individual’s ear.

For this specific feature, one microphone is designed in such a way to detect the external sound beats to allow the device to inspect any noise in the surrounding environment. And this is the outward-facing microphone. In this way, it cancels out all the background noise before allowing it to reach the ear.

The second one is inward-facing and functions to detect and analyze the sound that is towards the ear. And Apple claims that this feature adapts the sound signals almost 200 times per second.

Transparency Mode:

After reading the Active Noise Cancellation feature, you may think that this feature is harmful if the user is in the traffic while listening to the music on AirPods. But don’t forget that the product that you are reading is AirPods Pro that is owned by Apple who can never bring its users into any risk or trouble with its products. Let’s make yourself surprised that AirPods Pro does possess a transparency mode.

Now, what is the transparency mode? It’s the feature that is specifically designed to tone down the ANC so that if the user is in traffic or at any other such place, he can listen to the surrounding noise easily.

You can activate this feature by just pressing on the Force Sensor on the stem.

Satisfying Battery Life:

When it comes to choosing an earbud, the most asked question is about its battery life. The Apple AirPods Pro is with a battery timing of five hours just like the original AirPods. But keep in mind that this timing is when the ANC is disabled. When the Active Noise Cancellation mode is on, this product will work for about four to four and a half hours of listening time. And talk time gets decreased to three or three and a half hours at ANC. And we think that this much battery timing is satisfying.

To Sum Up,

We have provided you all the necessary information about the leading product named AirPods Pro. Due to all these features, AirPods Pro is not allowing any product to take its place and is leading the EarBuds industry from all aspects. AirPods Pro won’t let you look towards any other model of earbuds. So it is best to buy the same one for yourself as well. 

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