7 Best Whiteboard Apps for Online Teaching

Each teacher has a unique work strategy and uses different methods, techniques and tools. When it comes to online teaching, things can get complicated if you don’t have the right approach. This means that you should find a way to provide students with visually appealing instruction. One of them is an online whiteboard you should take advantage of.

Consider a few factors that will influence your decision when choosing a whiteboard app. For example, consider the current computer you are using, your student work plan, and other important elements of an online lecture. Then, learn more about the most popular whiteboard apps.


It is an interactive online whiteboard designed specifically for teaching. So, this software is a popular option in many schools. It is very easy to use and does not require registration. You can download it for free and start using it right away.


Sketchboard is an online whiteboard app that encourages collaboration between participants. It will give you exceptional flexibility which will contribute to better planning. This is an opportunity to better organize your ideas, plans, diagrams, mindmaps or flowcharts.

Google Jamboard

Google Jamboard

This is a great tool for all those who want to work on the online whiteboard, but much more than that. It includes the use of Google Accounts. It is available on iOS and Android. If you decide on this app, you are free to sketch some interesting ideas in the style of a whiteboard and thus get a lot of benefits.

You can use the app live or online. It is shared using the built-in Google Sharing System. For example, you can download documents, spreadsheets, slides, or add photos stored on the Drive.


You can download the AWW App to your computer or smartphone. It’s a free service, and you’ll have access to great teaching tools and real-time collaboration. For example, you can easily use diagrams and text tools. This will make it easier for you to write a note on the board. You can also privatize the board and allow other participants to draw and add notes.

Drawp for School

Here you will find a lot of collaboration tools that will delight you. We are sure that the app will benefit you regardless of the way you work. The reason is its versatility. For example, it is great for creating media, presentation.

Meets different needs such as English-language, Arts, Math, etc. The app also includes cloud storage and integration with Google Classroom. Communication between teachers and students can be on a much higher level if you use this app.

So, use the app to encourage the group to brainstorming and teamwork, because that is the key to learning success. In that case, you will be more successful in planning projects and getting the appropriate feedback.

Canvas for Chrome

We present you with another simple app that you will notice as soon as you enter the online platform. It also does not require registration or entering other details. You will access the boards very easily and you will have a lot of possibilities.

This refers to the choice of color, size, opacity, etc. You will not have to type or upload a file.


If you want a free and easy-to-use app then opt for this online whiteboard. It is designed to make it easier for you to collaborate between remote teams. You can take advantage of video conferencing, screen sharing, and many other features.

All this will help you to establish a better connection with the students and help them to visualize the concept and connect more connections between the topics.


Whiteboard is a key part of every classroom, so choose an app that will allow students to record their thoughts, express spontaneity and visualize concepts.