Which Is Better - Closure Or Frontal Wig

When you decide to buy a new wig, you probably want to try different looks. You have a lot of options to go with, but if you want less hassle and don’t want to mess with your natural hair, a lace wig is a great choice to start with. In terms of lace wigs, there are lace closure wigs and lace frontal wigs.

If you are new to lace wigs, you can get confused by them. Knowing closure wigs vs frontal wigs will help you choose the wig that is best for you. So what is the difference between a lace closure wig and a lace frontal wig and which one is better?

Closure Wig vs Frontal Wig

As far as looks are concerned, both of them can offer the wearer a natural hairline, but they differ in terms of details.

Which Is Better - Closure Or Frontal Wig?

What is a closure wig?

A lace closure is usually a 4×4 inch or 5×5 inch patch that is placed in the front, or center of the wig. A closure wig is quite similar to a frontal wig, the difference in the material being that it has less of a lace base which means there is limited styling space and options on a lace closure wig.

Advantages and disadvantages of lace closure wigs

As you know lace closure wigs have a small size of material, so it will make the wig to be installed quite easily. You will not need much effort to apply it, the use of glue may be unnecessary.

It is very beginner friendly and moreover, the wig can give you a very natural look as a frontal. More importantly, compared with a lace frontal wig, it is very affordable, and the price is very low.

The limited lace material dictates that you won’t have more styling options, as you can only style where the lace goes. A 4×4 inch or 5×5 inch lace closure leaves you with just a few different styles. And sometimes, they may not fit perfectly into your natural hairline.

What is a lace frontal wig?

A lace frontal wig usually comes in 13 by 4-inch or 13 by 6-inch lace material. It usually goes 4 or 6 inches from the back and 13 inches across, runs from ear to ear, and covers your entire hairline. Its versatility allows you to try out many different styling options.

Advantages and disadvantages of lace frontal wig

The flexibility of a lace frontal wig offers you plenty of styling decisions. Lace mimics the natural human skull. So you want to separate it, it will present the most natural look.

With a lace frontal, you can style a middle part, deep side part, ponytail, or half up and half down. You are no longer limited to a set number of ways to style your wig, a great option for those who are experienced with wigs.

Although offering excellent flexibility, there are some fundamental drawbacks. If installed improperly, it can damage your hairline. Les frontals take longer to install and require more maintenance. Because it involves more material, it costs more than a lace closure.

Choosing a closure wig vs a frontal wig is actually a matter of preference. A lace closure is more basic and budget friendly and a lace frontal is more versatile for changing looks.

Take a look at our selection on Beautyforever, you’ll find your favorite. Choose lace closure or frontal for your natural and flawless look.

Which is better, closure or frontal wig?

A closure wig leans towards natural, while a frontal wig tends towards a bold look. A lace frontal wig will always give you more styling options. If you enjoy changing your look often, the 13×4 lace frontal wig is the perfect option for your overall style versatility.


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