Which Facial Covering is Best? Experts Talk KN95, N95, Cloth, and Surgical Masks


In today’s time, the mask is an essential need, and while buying a mask we should always consider a mask that provides an air-purifying particulate respirator that performs the same functions and provides the same amount of protection as the more familiar full-face masks but with a smaller face size. A face mask ensures to offer the same features as a full-face mask, also has a narrower chin area and a narrower nose bridge. These varieties of respirators are used in many situations, including industrial, chemical, and medical work, to protect workers from particulates in the air. So in this article, we will discuss some differences between the types of masks available in the market and which one provides the best protection.

What to Choose: N95 or KN95 Mask

The masks which are certified by the Chinese government under various regulations are KN95 masks. And it was available to the masses in Mid- the year 2020 to provide aid to Chinese residents and other countries as well as to combat the pandemic. Nowadays, KN95s are widely used by Healthcare Professionals since it was recognized by FDA. N95 are certified by the U.S govt. Both N95 AND Kn95 Mask offer the same amount of protection that is 95% from all the germs and microbes. When it comes to the usage of masks, both KN95 and N95 Offer very well design. For a means of carrying, both Masks use an ear-loop, which is distinct from various other forms of Masks featuring head brace attachments that can go behind the ears or the throat. But still, they have a slight difference between the two.

N95 or KN95 Mask

Two Major Differences Between N95 and KN95 Mask are:

1) Provides Exhalation resistance- AS Kn95 Mask offers much more air resistance to the user to breathe properly.

2)Leakage percentage- KN95 provides a maximum leakage of 8%, which can help the user wear the mask for a longer time.

Both masks provide the same amount of protection, or if you have the choice to choose between the two, you can go for KN95 Mask.

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Surgical Masks v/s KN95 Masks:

Surgical Masks v/s KN95 Masks

If do not have any access to KN95 or N95, you can easily choose surgical masks, So in this part, we will discuss some differences Between Surgical masks and KN95

1) Fitting- These masks do not provide tight-fitting to the user. Kn95 Mask offers tight-fitting that can help to minimize small microbes entering our body.

2) Fit test- Surgical masks do not require a fit test besides fit tests are necessary for KN95 Masks.

3) Leakage Protection-  When the patient inhales, surgical goggles spill across the outside of the mask. KN95s have limited leakage when correctly worn.

4) Seal check- Surgical masks do not have a provision for consumer seal tests. KN95s do have an arrangement for seal checks.

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5) Provides a Reliable degree of protection- Surgical masks do not have a reliable degree of protection for the wearer from inhaling smaller particles in the air. KN95s offer to remove a minimum of 95% of all the airborne particles.

6) Decrease the Susceptibility from the virus- Surgical masks are fluid resistant and guard against the body or other harmful fluids from large droplets, splashes, or sprays besides KN95s decrease the susceptibility of the wearer, including small particle aerosols and large droplets, to particles.

Clothes Mask v/s KN95 Mask:

Clothes Mask v/s KN95 Mask

Cloth masks will be the last choice. Having No Mask is better than any Mask. Cloth masks are not evaluated or monitored regularly, and there is a different level of filtration for each kind of cloth. That said, no mask at all can be over a fabric mask. But a doubled-up surgical mask or a correctly worn N95/KN95 always provide the amount of protection and filtration.


It is vital to find the correct masks according to your need and to choose that we have to research the different types of Masks and differences between the various varieties of Masks available as we discussed above, KN95 and N95 masks are currently an excellent preventive measure against COVID-19. But In between, the two KN95s offer an ample amount of protection with proper certifications. Using a surgical mask is also a great option that you can use instead of cloth masks if you don’t have a Kn95 or N95 available.

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