There is absolutely no denying how impressive various inventions and advances made by the human race have been over history, however if you really want to get particular about it we don’t think there are many more impressive things than the slow burning growth of the gambling industry. It took thousands and thousands of years for humans to convert gambling games into a genuinely profitable thing with casinos, but now everybody is reaping the benefits! 

Oh yes, there have been plenty of incredibly fun, complex and exciting gambling games created over the past few millennia, and with casinos we can all have them all in one place. This has led to massive advances in things like casino game strategy, which has in turn alerted ourselves to the fact that many casino games are very skill based – try Fluffy Favourites Casino.

The common idea is to think of gambling as completely random, but you can definitely be good at it! Keep reading for a discussion of which casino games are the most skill based. 

Skill based casino games to check out 

Despite the fact that there are definitely plenty of casino games that are certain skill-based, you shouldn’t be fooled into thinking that they all are. Progressive jackpot slots, for example, are pretty much completely random, but here are some of the games that are definitely skill-based casino games to check out: 

Roulette: Sure, the act of spinning a roulette wheel is completely random at heart, but that doesn’t mean you cannot be skilled at roulette. The skill often lies in learning how and when to place the right bets, because roulette can equally easily leave you penniless if you’re not careful. Some particularly savvy roulette players are also good at detecting slight irregularities on the roulette wheel.

Craps: Again, you might think that throwing the dice during a game of craps is something that cannot really be perfected with any kind of skill. Well, you would be wrong, because craps can also most definitely be skill-based. Dominic LoRiggio is the most famous example of controlled dice rolling, a skill he supposedly learned after many hours practice.

Poker: Poker is definitely a more obvious casino game that relies on a healthy gambling skill set. You simply have to know your hands inside out if you want to become truly good at poker, and then there’s the whole other question of bluffing. To be a really insanely good poker play your bluff skills need to be on point.

Blackjack: One of the most famous examples of casino strategy is blackjack card counting, which is a huge reason behind why blackjack is a skill-based casino game. There are so many different strategy guides to memorize with blackjack, but the good news is that if you know your stuff you can stand a really good shot of winning some serious money! 

How can I become skilled at casino games? 

Knowing that casino games are skill-based is one thing, but how can you become skilled at casino games? There is only one answer here: practice!