Which Are The Best Vape Kits For Nic Salts?

Gone are the days when people used freebase nicotine for their cravings. Disposable vape kits have entered the vaping industry and changed the use of nicotine salts. Now, many vapers use nic salts, but they need a specific type of kit and coil to enjoy the best flavour. 

Having a vape kit like a 600 puff crystal bar that is simple to use, delivers good flavour, and a smooth throat hit is not difficult, as there is a variety of vape kits available. Many vapers use nic salts because this is the purest form of nicotine. Unlike freebase nicotine, nic salts are available in higher strengths, mostly 10mg and 20mg. But with better vape deals, you can satisfy cravings a lot more. 

In this article, you’ll learn about the best vape kits for nic salts.

Can You Use Nic Salts in All Vape Kits?

Can You Use Nic Salts in All Vape Kits?
Can You Use Nic Salts in All Vape Kits?

Nicotine salts cannot be used in all types of vape kits. It requires some special type of coil and vape kit. The reason behind this is the coil burn. A good vape kit for using nic salts is one that is low-powered with mesh coils. 

Generally, low-powered means under 30W of heat. Your coil will burn at high temperatures if you have a powerful vape kit, but you can get recommendations from any online vape store UK. Since nicotine salts are a 50/50 mixture, it’s crucial to keep in mind that not all vape devices are best suited for using them. Instead, a vape starter kit, a pod device, or other lower-wattage device is advised.

3 Best Vape Kits For Nic Salts

It was easy to look for a vape kit for using nicotine salts. Just look for a device that is small and has tight airflow vents. A small vape kit like the Crystal Pro 600 is good for small vapour clouds and will benefit high nicotine strength e-juices. 

Look for these 3 vape kits and satisfy your cravings.

  1. OXVA Xlim SE:

OXVA Xlim SE is a 25W kit and is one of the top vape kits for nic salt use. This device is a complete vape kit that offers a DTL vaping experience. Moreover, with a 0.6ohm coil for a looser vape session, you can enjoy the best pod for nicotine salts and longevity. The OXVA Xlim SE 25W has a 900mAh battery lasting around 3 days. This kit resembles a disposable vape with a 1.2-ohm pod, delivering the same nicotine cravings. 

  1. Uwell Caliburn A3 Pod Kit:

The Uwell Caliburn A3 is the latest vape kit on the market. It is a small device with a 520mAh battery that heats the nic salts up to 13W. Similar in weight to any disposable vape, the Uwell Caliburn A3 kit provides a sensational vaping experience. This vape kit is a sleek, compact device that is super easy to use. You can get this kit from different vape deals in the UK.

  1. Freemax Galex Nano Pod 22W Kit:

Freemax Galex Nano Pod kit has pulled out all the stops to sneak into the top 3 nic salts kits. The Galex Pro boasts the same coil technology as the Nano Pod, with the FreeMax GX-P Mesh Coil providing that good flavour output. 

The Nano Pro has a pen-style aesthetic, slightly more of the norm for small pod kits. An 800mAh battery helps the Galex Pro fire up to 25W on the 0.8ohm coil, which provides a smooth throat hit and fantastic flavour delivery.

3 Best Vape Kits For Nic Salts
3 Best Vape Kits For Nic Salts

Final Words!

The top priority of seasoned vapers is to have a vape kit like Crystal Pro Max 600 for a satisfying nicotine craving. Some vape kits in the market are designed specifically for nic salts. It wouldn’t be expensive to buy a vape kit, rather, you need to know what you’re looking for.