Where to Buy Genuine Medical Grade N95 Face Masks?

Medical grade N95 masks made in USA are a not-so-new mask type in the town but its increased demand has brought it to the limelight. Just like n95 respirators, medical grade N95 masks protect against various infectious airborne particles. These masks are now trusted worldwide for protection against Covid-19. Made of some strong synthetic material, medical grade N95 masks contain multiple layers for protection against germs and infections.

Today, we are going to discuss some special features and characteristics that can help you know that whether a medical grade mask is genuine or not. These characteristics will help you decide on the quality of the mask and if it is worth your money or not. So, let’s begin.    

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Characteristics of genuine grade masks

Since the coronavirus has emerged and the world has been taken up by the pandemic, the government has made it compulsory for the public to wear a mask and observe social distancing as much as possible. Owing to the need of the hour, many companies have come up with setups manufacturing different kinds of masks. Some are selling fake products as well. So, if you want to buy honest products, look for the following characteristics. 

  • Medical grade N95 mask made in USA can filter 95% of the breathing air. It can capture and filter even the smallest of particles that are 0.3 microns in size. This remarkable filter efficiency makes medical grade masks one of the best kinds.   
  • Medical grade N95 masks are designed so that they fit closely around your mouth and nose. From the top of the nose to the bottom of the chin, the masks provide a protective seal so that any germ or harmful particle can’t enter.
  • Medical grade masks are composed of various layers of synthetic material and this multiple layering efficient filtering of airborne particles.
  • The metal strip around the nose bridge can be molded to ensure the nose seal. Also, the strap of the mask is made of rubber which can be looped around the ears. The metal strip and rubber straps help the mask to fix in the desired place.
  • Medical grade N95 masks made in USA include exhalation valves for the wearer’s comfort. If the medical grade N95 mask is properly fitted, there should be no or minimal leakage through the mask’s edges while exhaling. As a result, there is very little chance that this mask will contaminate the environment.
  • The exhalation valve lowers exhalation resistance and heat buildup inside the mask. As a result, the person finds it much easier to exhale comfortably. However, there is a risk that the person wearing this mask with an exhalation valve will contaminate the environment.

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