What’s the Difference between SD and HD Set-Top Box?

When we talk about the Direct to Home (DTH) connection, it becomes really confusing to choose one among these due to the number of options we are offered these days. Even as you finalize the operator, you need to choose an SD STB or an HD STB. So before we go in-depth, let us first discuss the difference between SD and HD set-top box or as many people call it the setup box.

  • The foremost difference is the ability to display. SD means Standard Definition, and an SD set-top box will display only standard definition channels; while a High Definition (HD) set-top box displays only high definition channels. The clarity offered by an HD STB is much higher than an SD STB.
  • HD STB receives more channels than SD STB. Therefore, you can expect to receive more channels on your TV when you have an HD STB.
  • The price of an HD STB is slightly higher than an SD STB. Therefore, you can decide the STB that you want to take depending on your budget.

These are some fundamental differences between an SD and HD STB. The number and choices of channels included in the STB that you choose vary from one operator to the other. For the best choices of channels and most affordable prices for the SD and HD STB, Airtel is one of the most sought after operators in the country. Ever since the telco giant has started the DTH service, it has been offering some of the best SD as well as HD channels. As the set-top box is concerned, you can get one at the discounted prices.

As a matter of fact, if you try to get a new Airtel DTH connection, you can do it all online. You can visit the website and go to the DTH tab, from the drop-down options you will find the ‘Buy a New DTH Connection’ tab on which you need to click so that you will be redirected to the page from where you can select one particular Set Top Box. Apart from SD and HD, you will also get Xstream Basic and Xstream Premium options.

The benefit of choosing Xstream STB is that you can turn your TV into a SmartTV. Therefore, all those TV Series and Movies that you have been watching on your phone or laptop all this while, can now watch them on your TV. You can also install games directly to your TV and enjoy playing these from the comfort of your couch.

With the new Xstream Basic STB, you get Chromecast Built-in, Xstream App Premium, Voice Search, and Use Mobile as Remote. The price for Xstream Basic STB is INR 2499. If you opt for Xstream Premium, the features that come along include 5000 + Apps on TV; Hotstar, Zee5 & more; Voice Search; and Using Mobile as Remote. The price for Xstream Premium is INR 4898.

Apart from the various choices of Set-Top Boxes, Airtel is also a good choice as an operator since it will just take you a few hours to get a new connection. Also, you can do everything with just a few clicks. The payment can be done through Debit Card/Credit Card/Net banking or Cash on Delivery, and the choice is up to you. Another way of taking an Airtel DTH connection is through the super user-friendly Airtel Thanks App. As soon as you apply for it, the team at Airtel contacts you and carries out all the formalities for you to get the connection. For discounts as well as additional benefits, you can purchase an Airtel DTH connection from the Airtel website. Now, what are you waiting for? Visit Airtel’s website today itself!

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