What You Need to Know About Text messaging Code

We live in a world that is rapidly being advanced technologically. Efficient and intelligent systems are now being used to reduce human effort and assist them in their fast-paced world; text messaging codes are among them.

What Are Text Messaging Codes?

Have you ever seen a text message on your mobile phone that has a very small sender’s number? These are precise what text messaging codes are. They are shortcodes used by a business or a brand to make their advertisement and publicity easy. One might wonder how sending a text message from a small code instead of a number makes their job easy. Such companies have to send out text messages in bulk instead of to a small group of people. This mass messaging becomes easier if an automated system for it is in place and running.

How Can You Get These Texts?

One thing that you need to know about text message marketing is that it’s not random. They don’t go around sending messages to everyone. One has to sign up for receiving messages from the brands or companies you use by sending a specific text message to a pre-determined code. After that, you would receive regular updates from that particular company in the form of automated text messages. So you don’t have to worry about receiving unwanted messages if you haven’t signed up.


This advertisement system and publicity may be ideal if you’re looking to communicate large volumes of information to the masses in a small amount of time. Besides, they can also use them in various ways and publicity, namely, two-factor authentication, voting, collecting feedback, political campaigns, collecting donations, etc.

Types of Text Message Codes

Text message shortcodes may be random and vanity in addition to being shared or dedicated.

  • Shared Shortcodes

When more than one companies use a standard shortcode, such codes are shared shortcode. Startups and small businesses usually opt for this to split the cost.

  • Dedicated Shortcodes

A shortcode that is specifically assigned for a particular company is dedicated. Renowned brands and large companies who have a massive budget to dedicate to marketing usually opt for this.

  • Vanity Shortcodes

Just like car number plates, one can choose their desired shortcode by paying extra. These codes that companies choose themselves are called vanity shortcodes.

  • Random Shortcodes

Random shortcodes are the following code in the serial assigned to a particular company for an average price.

Why Invest In SMS Marketing?

People might wonder whether investing such a huge amount for marketing only would be a wise decision or not. What could be better than having no keyword restrictions, being able to choose your dedicated code, and being able to control every aspect of your messaging? If you plan on taking your business to unimaginable heights, a good decision would be to consider SMS marketing.

What You Need To Know

There are, however, certain things you need to know before that:

  • Notifications

Notifications are necessary so that when someone replies, someone should be there to respond. It is an obligation. You need to select a text message marketing platform that informs you when someone has replied to your mass text, keyword campaign, or drip campaign.

  • Inbox managing

It is another critical factor, and there should be a particular person to monitor responses. A full inbox and notifications will do little to help you respond to customers if you don’t have someone watching the inbox and responding.

  • Use Tags to Segregate Different Audiences

Tags are an essential part of text message marketing. Without them, your customer data is chaotic and practically unusable. Tags are the best way to compose your text message marketing list.

  • Schedule your Text Messages in Progress

Save time and money by scheduling your text messages. Scheduling text messages is comfortable. In three simple steps, you’ll be able to plan your text message in no time. And you’ll have a calendar with all your scheduled text messages filled in.

  • Use of Shortcode

Use shortcodes if you plan on sending hundreds and thousands of messages at once. It will help customers remember the number to text, and it will be the best option to communicate with a large group of people.


TextSanity manages all the customer data generated on a provided shortcode and offers a mass text messaging tool known as broadcasts. Broadcasts are sent to as many customers as you’d like, so texting messaging codes are a very convenient and easy means of communication.

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