What You Need to Know About Dan Snyder

In 2000, Dan Snyder became the owner of the Washington Football team. During his tenure as the team’s leader, he has invested significant resources into making the franchise as successful as possible. In addition, he has invested millions of dollars into the community in an effort to offer help to those who need it most.

A Long Track Record of Business Success

In 1985, Dan launched Snyder Communications Inc., and by the time it was sold in 2000, the company had employees working in 17 different countries. In that year, the firm generated nearly $1 billion in revenue, helping corporate clients with their marketing and advertising needs. The proceeds from the sale of Snyder Communications were used to purchase the Washington franchise.

Today, Daniel Snyder owns a variety of companies including inVentiv Health and Red Zebra Broadcasting. Red Zebra Broadcasting is a parent company that owns a variety of television and radio stations in Maryland that hold the rights to Football Team games.

Dan Snyder’s Philanthropic Work

In 2004, a massive tsunami struck the coasts of Thailand and Indonesia, and Snyder was among the first people to send emergency supplies to those locations. In October 2016, he sent relief supplies to Haiti after Hurricane Matthew made landfall. Those supplies were personally delivered to the island by members of the Washington Football team.

People who lived in Louisiana in August 2005 are unlikely to forget the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina. They are also unlikely to forget that people such as Dan Snyder donated money, medical supplies and other equipment to help them rebuild their lives.

Soon after acquiring the Football Team, Snyder created the Washington Charitable Foundation, and over the past two decades it has donated $29 million to various causes throughout the Washington D.C. area. The Loads of Love initiative is one that has received a great deal of attention from the local media. It provides laundry services to children who might not otherwise have access to clean clothes. Researchers have discovered a link between clean clothes and the likelihood that a child will participate in extracurricular activities. Furthermore, children who have clean clothes are less likely to be bullied, have higher levels of self-esteem and get higher grades. The Loads of Love initiative is helping children improve their lives.

Dan Snyder: Proactive Leader on Social Issues

After the May 2020 death of George Floyd, Dan Snyder donated $250,000 to help raise awareness of issues that primarily impact people of color in Washington D.C. In March 2020, he donated $100,000 to a local food bank to ensure that people had access to health food during the pandemic. At that time, lockdowns, supply chain interruptions and job losses had caused food insecurity for millions of Americans.

The Washington Football Team’s Established Roots in Virginia

In 2012, the Football Team agreed to keep its team headquarters in Loudoun County. Over the past nine years, Snyder has spent millions of dollars upgrading the Inova Sports Performance Center’s training facilities, cafeteria and media area. The team officially moved its annual training camp to Richmond in 2013. That year, an estimated 165,000 people watched the team get ready for the upcoming season.

Additional information: https://www.forbes.com/profile/dan-snyder/

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