What You Must Know About the Common Parking Signs for Road Safety

Most American drivers have direct information of how challenging it is to discover a convenient car parking space according to US state laws. No matter where you drive, looking for the right parking space means driving your vehicle around busy, crowded lanes, losing much of your time in the search, and communicating with other drivers, who are on the same page as you. Parking or no parking indicators are in place to avoid confusion and accidents, thus ensuring safe driving and parking. 

According to an article published in Huffington Post, speeding or rash driving is one of the major causes of road accidents, and therefore, you need to drive slowly. Besides, obeying parking signs is equally important.

Handicapped parking signs 

When it comes to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), it means all facilities have the right parking options mainly for disabled people, including employees and customers. Handicapped parking lots are generally found close to the entrance of the key building and where you find level ground.  Signs that have identifiable wheelchair images or graphics define such parking lots. The purpose is to ensure disabled boarding or getting down from their vehicles safely in a designated parking space. 

No parking signs 

These are signs to educate drivers not to park vehicles in a designated area. Yes, parking is fully prohibited in certain parts of the street and for all the right reasons. You will find areas and lanes in certain parts of the city, which emergency vehicles access usually. So if you violate no parking signs in such places, be prepared for stringent actions from the traffic police including severe penalties. 

Many times, the no parking signs will have the rules or restrictions mentioned including the penalty. For example, you may find that you can access a lane or street for limited hours and park only during such time. It is as simple as that. 

Fire hydrant signs

Fire hydrants are usually free of all kinds of obstructions for obvious reasons. It would mean unauthorized parking. The rules are as to how near you can park a car when there is a fire hydrant. The regulations relating to parking close to fire hydrant do vary from one state to the other. For instance, you will need to maintain a minimum distance of 15 feet if you are in New York and Seattle. You may not find a sign posted close to a fire hydrant if red painted lines are visible, signifying a no parking area.   

Permit parking signs

Permit signs are usually meant to make certain that some people have a space to park their vehicles. Employees often use these signs and receive passes to park their cars in the organization’s parking lot. Even business customers often receive such passes or permits. When it comes to permit parking signs, they inform you which parts of a building would require the passes. The sign will also include the specific time during which the area will not have the restrictions for permit or pass holders alone. 


Parking and no parking signs are essential to maintain pedestrian as well as vehicle traffic in the US. Obey the road sign rules and traffic regulations for your safety and that of others. 

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