What Type Of Water Cooler Is Best?

Water coolers are Highly popular due to their convenience in dispensing cold water in homes, offices, pubs, schools, hospitals and many other places. If you are running a business, water coolers are an easy and affordable solution for fresh and chilled drinking water for your employees.

What Type Of Water Cooler Is Best


If you are planning to install a new water cooler in your home or office you need to know about the various types of models available in the market. Some types are known for ease of use and installation while others are known for their purification and filtration capabilities. Let us explore all the types of water coolers available for residential as well as commercial use.

Table top Water coolers.

The table top water cooler models are suitable for homes and offices. You can usually find them at reception areas. These are ideal for small businesses as they do not take up a lot of space. They are connected directly to your waterline and supply water continuously for your family or employees. Table top water coolers are best for people who do not know much about various varieties available and simply want a cooler for hot or cold water. These are quite simple and available at very affordable prices in the market.

Under sink chillers.

Under sink chillers are suitable for home and office spaces where installing a conventional cooler is not possible or where there is shortage of space to install a standard cooler. As the name suggests they are installed directly under a kitchen countertop. They are hooked to your kitchen sink and provide clean and chilled water. These coolers do not make use of plastic bottles making them an environment friendly option for their users.

Instant hot water dispenser.

Instant hot water dispensers do not come under the category of water cooler as they dispense only hot water, but some people prefer them. These models are suitable for those who want instant hot water for their home or office. They are available in various models and sizes. They come with temperature settings that you can adjust according to your requirement of lukewarm or boiling water.

Bottled Water coolers

These are the most common types and come with plastic bottles for storage of water. Botted models require replacement of bottles to work as soon as they become empty. These models are suitable for small video officers with an employee strength of 10 to 20 people.

Moreover, bottled water coolers are not an environmentally friendly option due to the use of plastic bottles. You can also use it at home as it is highly suitable for households with small families. However, if you have a business with more than 20 employees it is better to look for other options.

Top Load Bottled coolers

Top load models are a subtype of bottled coolers as they require a water bottle to be fitted on the top of it. The water trickles through the bottle to the cooling system inside and comes out chilled from the tap.

Bottom Load coolers.

These models have a compartment at their bottom to fit the plastic bottle, from which it hooks up the water. They are more visually attractive than the top load models as the bottle is not visible and closed in the compartment.

Bottleless water coolers.

Bottleless water coolers are gaining popularity due to their ability to dispense water continuously. These models were connected to a running water source like the pipeline coming from a water tank. Due to this feature a bottleless water cooler is capable of supplying water continuously whether you install it in your home or office.

Users don’t need to worry about running out of water or replacing the bottles. As it is bottleless it is environment friendly and suitable for people you don’t like to use plastic bottles. It also saves you money that bottled water coolers require you to spend on replacement of bottles.

Point of use coolers.

Point-of-use water coolers are a subtype of bottleless water coolers. These models are connected directly to the water supply in your home or office. They take the water from the supply line, filter it and then deliver it through a tap. As they don’t make use of bottles, they do not cost you as much as bottled models.

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Final Words

These were some types of water coolers for homes and businesses. Now as you know about the main types of water coolers and their functions, you can choose a cooler for your home or business.

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