What Tools Do Professional Poker Players Use?

If you want to excel at playing poker, there are several skills and items that you’ll need to help you perfect your game. All professional players use these tools, which is why it’s in your best interests to get familiar with them as soon as possible.

Whether you’re interested in brick-and-mortar poker, online poker, or both, there are five tools altogether that are critical for succeeding at poker. Beginning with the art of bluffing, let’s take a look at a complete breakdown of each tool individually.



Bluffing is an essential weapon for any poker player’s arsenal. On the off chance you’re unfamiliar with the concept, bluffing is the act of fooling your opponents, making them believe a narrative that’s purposefully designed to throw them off their game.

If you’re good at acting, there’s no reason why you can’t pull off an effective bluff. Weak hands are common in all forms of poker, but with a good bluff here and there, every hand becomes a strong hand.

The better you’re able to hide your true emotions, the harder it will be for other players to read your playstyle. Whether or not you use bluffing techniques, learning to control your emotions will improve your playstyle and keep your opponents guessing.


How effective are your decision-making skills? Do you often hesitate to decide things, or do you take pride in your assertiveness? In order to become competent professionals, poker players must be cautious and confident in equal measure.

Efficient decision-making requires knowledge, experience, and confidence. Sometimes, one rash decision is all it takes to lose everything, so it’s imperative to gain as much knowledge and experience as you can.


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As cheesy as it sounds, knowledge is the key to unlocking your poker talents. Poker is an intensely analytical game, and you are constantly required to calculate odds. From basic rules to advanced strategies, the best way to win is first to understand poker.

Not having a firm grasp of the basics will severely compromise your success rate. By taking the time to learn the fundamentals, you’ll have already gained a significant advantage over many casual players.

Apart from basic rules, it’s also advantageous to broaden your general poker knowledge. For example, there are four accepted poker variants: straight poker, stud poker, draw poker, and community card poker.

Texas hold ‘em and Omaha both fall under community card poker, but community poker is also a variant of stud poker. The structure of betting itself can also vary. Fixed-limit, pot-limit, and no-limit are the three most common types of betting structures.

We haven’t even begun to mention common strategies and hand rankings or implied odds and Game Theory Optimal (GTO). As you can see, poker is a lot more complex than some people might first assume.


If your aim is to emulate professional players, be prepared to put a lot of time and effort into practice. The best players practice at least once a day, but it’s not uncommon for them to dedicate several hours per day to practice.

Practice will provide you with invaluable experience. It provides a stress-free environment where you can learn from your mistakes, improve your strategy, and become familiar with the nature of poker odds.

What Tools Do Professional Poker Players Use

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Thanks to several advanced technologies, poker software has been improving rapidly over the last couple of years. There are now dozens of high-quality programs to choose from, most of which possess multiple poker-related features.

Below you’ll find three of the most popular poker software tools. Each one is useful in its own way, meaning it’s up to you whether you decide to use one, two, or all three. Our best advice is to explore all of them and settle for the ones you find intuitive and efficient.


PokerSnowie is artificial intelligence (AI) coaching software made for all types of players. Whether you’re a casual novice or a seasoned veteran, this tool provides all the lessons you need to learn to perfect your style, strategy, and knowledge base.

Vision GTO Trainer

Using complex calculation software, Vision GTO trainer can tell you all the possible outcomes of a game of poker. It provides precise statistics instantly, offers thousands of potential solutions, and even has a custom quiz generator to test your knowledge.

Poker Strategy Equilab

Poker Strategy’s Equilab software is a scenario analysis tool as well as an equity trainer. You can use it to understand the odds of any given game better, gain insight into how opponents will react, and make your decisions more effective.

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