Leather jackets are a popular piece of clothing and can be worn in many different situations. However, they can be quite heavy, making it difficult to wear them in hot weather. What to wear under a leather jacket? Some people choose to wear a tank top or an article of clothing that is light and airy, such as a sundress. Others choose to go without anything at all and just enjoy the feeling of the leather against their skin.

If you’re looking to up your style game, one way to do so is to invest in a leather jacket. While they can be incredibly versatile and stylish pieces of clothing, choosing what to wear under a leather jacket can be challenging. Here are 5 tips for making sure you look your best under one:

What To Wear Under A Leather Jacket?
What To Wear Under A Leather Jacket


There are a few things to consider when choosing a T-shirt to wear under a leather jacket. The first is the color of the T-shirt. It’s best to choose a color that will complement the color of the jacket. A white T-shirt would be a good choice to wear under a black leather jacket, for example. The second consideration is the style of the T-shirt.

A plain T-shirt is a good choice because it won’t compete with the pattern on the jacket. However, if you want something that will add some contrast, there are plenty of stylish T-shirts available that will do just that. Just make sure that the style of the T-shirt doesn’t clash with the style of the jacket.

Long sleeve shirts

There are a few things to consider when styling long sleeve shirts under a leather jacket. The first is color. When wearing a light-colored shirt, it’s best to choose a dark-colored jacket to avoid looking too washed out. For example, a light blue shirt would look great with a black or dark brown leather jacket. The second thing to consider is material.

Suede jackets look great with a cotton or linen shirt, while a shiny leather jacket pairs well with a silk or satin shirt. Finally, fit is important. A loose-fitting shirt will look sloppy under a fitted jacket, while a tight-fitting shirt will be uncomfortable and constricting. Ideally, the shirt should fit comfortably but not be too baggy or too tight.

Sweaters or sweatshirts

Sweaters or sweatshirts are a key part of any fall or winter wardrobe. They can keep you warm on those cold days, and they can add some style to your look. And when you wear them under a leather jacket, they’ll keep you even warmer. Here are a few tips on how to style your sweaters or sweatshirts under a leather jacket:

  • Start with a basic black or gray sweater or sweatshirt. This will go with just about anything in your wardrobe.
  • If you want to add some color, try a red or green sweater. These colors will pop against the black or gray leather jacket.
  • For a more casual look, wear a hooded sweatshirt under your leather jacket. This is perfect for weekend errands or running around town.

Simple dress

There are a few ways to style a dress under a leather jacket. One way is to wear the dress as it is, with the jacket over it. This creates a look that is semi-casual and can be dressed up or down, depending on the shoes you choose to wear. Another way to style a dress under a leather jacket is to tuck the dress into the waistband of the jeans or pants that you are wearing. This creates a more casual look and is perfect for everyday wear.

You can also style a dress under a leather jacket by wearing a belt around the waist of the dress and then putting the jacket on top. This creates an elegant and put-together look that can be worn for special occasions or evening events. Whichever way you choose to style your dress under your leather jacket, make sure that you feel confident and comfortable in whatever you wear!


When wearing a leather jacket, you have many different clothing options to choose from. While some people may think that only jeans or a dress can be worn under a leather jacket, this is not the case. You can wear anything from a T-shirt to a skirt. Just make sure that what you wear is comfortable and will keep you warm.


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