Manage Your Move: What to Do When You Move to a New State

Did you know most people find moving a stressful life event? Some people find moving more anxiety-ridden than getting married. However, you can stay stress-free by planning for your upcoming move. If you would like to learn how to move seamlessly, keep reading.

This guide will outline a relocation checklist. Don’t worry about essential tasks because we have you covered. You will no longer wonder what to do when you move to a new state. 

Check out the tips below.

Who Will Move Your Belongings?

You should determine if you will hire movers or complete the move alone. Look at working with long-distance movers who have lots of experience. Check it out here for more information. 

You could rent a moving van, as well. 

Complete a Deep Clean

When you first move into your new house, before unpacking or decorating, complete a deep clean.

You can either hire a cleaner or complete the job with the help of your family.

If you are going to hire someone, look at interviewing people beforehand.

Keep Your Pets and Animals Safe

If you’re going to spend time cleaning and unpacking items, you should set up safety measures.

Place gates around areas where you don’t want pets exploring. You could even sequester your pets off in a specific spot.

Place safety gates up at the top of the stairs. Secure heavy furniture and stow away electrical cords.

Don’t Forget to Change the Locks

As a new homeowner, you should change the locks on your doors. When you move in, you might delay this task. However, you should secure your home first and give spare keys to friends or trusted neighbors.

It would be best if you also hid a spare key on your property someplace. 

Security System Installation

Install a home security system in your house. You will need to pay for the equipment installation, activate it, and cover a monthly fee.

You will have peace of mind upon moving into your new neighborhood.

Try Testing Your Smoke Detectors

You should go around your home and test all the hardware in your new house. Is the HVAC system in good working order? Do you need to replace the smoke detectors?

You want to ensure your heating and ventilation systems work well.

What to Do When You Move to a New State

When you move to a new state, you might feel overwhelmed by all the tasks you need to complete. Consider setting up a security system that protects your home and loved ones. Hire a cleaner to tidy your house.

Make sure you change the locks when you arrive. You should get a few sets of spare keys created. Don’t worry about what to do when you move to a new state. Remember to use this checklist. 

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