What to do in Cancun?

The amazing town of Cancun is located in the state of Quintana Roo in the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Cancun is known for its majestic beaches, discotheques, and a huge proportion of tourist attractions that it has for the whole family or a single person.

What to do in Cancun

Cancun, the perfect city to enjoy a magical stay and spend a good time with those who accompany you, here you can enjoy all kinds of activities.

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Palapas Park

 This is a park with seating areas, normally frequented by families, it also has a stage that sometimes is used to make cultural shows, and another thing is that there are restaurants in the sector that are great for every one! You will love it.

Atlante Stadium

 If you are a soccer lover and you love to enjoy the Atlante’s games this is for you, in here you will have the opportunity to have fun while watching something you like, we suggest going with friends and family and after the game going to eat to the food stands around or to the restaurants nearby.


They are considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean and the Mexican territory. You can enjoy the food on these beaches and take an arc trip to the surroundings.

 Several recommended beaches are: Playa Delfines Playa Ballenas Playa Cancun and so on.

Cancun Museum of Underwater Art

Here you can enjoy hundreds of fun and entertaining things to do, several of which are hiking through the mangroves, paragliding, fishing and even snorkeling. MUSA is a great place to enjoy!

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Forum Plaza

A beautiful place to go and you can enjoy many things; you will have the possibility to visit the market, which has beautiful handicrafts and perfumes with fragrant aroma. This is quite a commercial region and has a nice view of the ocean which makes Cancun a shopping paradise for shopaholics.

Coco Bongo

One of the most famous and recommended places to go in Cancun, a nightclub that also works as a restaurant, in here you will have the chance to enjoy the surroundings, its food, drinks and a fantastic show, plus, all the live music which is great!

Coco Bongo

The Planetarium

There you will find features about the world, the water, the ecosystem of the Yucatan Peninsula and also about the interesting Mayan culture, this tour in the planetarium of Cancun lasts about 2 hours, we suggest you to go early in the morning to avoid waiting in line!

Malecon and the Plaza Malecon Americas

Plaza Malecon Americas is a new supermarket that has different food places and places of entertainment as such as restaurants, cinemas and stores of any kind. After going to the supermarket you can visit the beautiful and sunny Malecon!

Market 28

A Mexican food market specialized on the greatest seafood of the city, even though they probably offer the same products as in the hotel sector, the only difference is that you will have the possibility of finding much more economical costs that will be able to better adapt to your budget.

Ventura Park

Known for being a water park that entertains anyone, with all kinds of creative and spectacular attractions, although nowadays they not only handle attractions that have to do with water, now they also have virtual reality spaces and even go-cart races.

Ventura Park


We suggest going with the best energy so you can enjoy even more than what you may think, this place was made to have fun and to forget about the problems of the everyday life, a side of Mexico and the Caribe that you have never seen before, come with us and let us show you what is has to offer!

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