What To Consider When Deciding on a Package Room

Apartment buildings and other multi-tenant facilities require unique processes and protocols for handling everything from security to parking. Multi-family buildings facilitate many of the daily aspects that would normally fall to homeowners in traditional residences. One of the things that have become an increasing concern for tenants and property managers is package management.

E-commerce and online shopping have seen exponential growth recently and, unfortunately, so have instances of package theft. With package volumes increasing, package theft totaling an estimated $6 billion was reported in 2020. Apartment buildings have had to develop ways to address increased package delivery and security demands. As a result, many buildings are turning to package rooms as a secure method of package management.

With the rise of package rooms, boxes no longer have to crowd the mailroom or line the hallways of residential buildings. As a way to alleviate the burdens of building staff and inconveniences to residents, package room systems are helping to streamline the process of package deliveries. If you are looking to implement a package room into your apartment building, there are some considerations. Let’s look at some considerations for choosing a package room.

What are package rooms?

Package rooms are created in apartment buildings and condo complexes of all shapes. As the name implies, a package room is a space in a residential building that provides secure storage for tenant deliveries. The idea is that couriers deliver packages to a secure central room with a passcode, and then tenants can pick up packages in the room with their unique code.

What To Consider When Deciding on a Package Room
What To Consider When Deciding on a Package Room

Package room management solutions include the integration of access control systems with package management software. Many smart package rooms can notify residents when they have a package and keep video and digital records of every courier and tenant who enters the secure room.

What are the benefits of package room management for tenants?

Package rooms keep deliveries secure, allow tenants to retrieve boxes at any time, and can provide real-time alerts and updates. With many package locker solutions, space is limited, and larger packages often must be left outside the locker when there isn’t enough room. In contrast, a package room allows for ample space. Additionally, package rooms can have 24-hour access without tenants requiring the assistance of building staff or property managers. Package rooms can also contain refrigerated locker compartments to accommodate perishable deliveries.

What are the benefits of package rooms for property managers?

Overall, package room management solutions improve resident experiences and package security while minimizing staff management. Once set up, a package room can operate without the need for staff to manage, organize, or oversee the area. Smart package room solutions also eliminate the need for staff to send out notifications and access codes to residents manually.

Additionally, security cameras and PINs eliminate the need for personnel to provide security for the package room door. Package rooms create a better way for building staff and property managers to provide security for deliveries while also maximizing space and resources.

What To Consider When Deciding on a Package Room
What To Consider When Deciding on a Package Room

What are the costs associated with package rooms?

Because package rooms utilize space within the building, there is very little cost associated with creating a secure package delivery room. Property managers will need to provide an adequate room with ample shelving for packages. Additionally, package center solutions for access control and notification can cost around $3,000 for hardware and necessary equipment. However, as discussed, secure package rooms reduce the overhead for staff to manage and handle deliveries.

Today, apartment building residents expect several amenities and features. Package centers are a way for property managers to deliver convenience and security for resident packages without a lot of extra work or expense.

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