What Should You Consider When Hiring A Medical Counselor


Think about this frightening stat: 20 percent of patients drop out of counseling before finishing treatment. That is as per the American Psychological Association, and it’s not mostly astounding.

Finding a decent medical counselor can be an overwhelming task. In any case, with treatment, more than anything, it’s the connection between the patient and counselor that is of utmost importance. “I can’t stress … that it is extremely vital to discover and find a counselor that you coexist with, who gets you and who can help,” says counseling patient Karis Rogerson.

In fact, research proposes counseling will have the best outcomes when the client and counselor are a solid match, says Erica Curtis, a specialist in San Juan Capistrano, California. “Schooling, hypothetical direction, and all that is tertiary, secondary, to outright liking your counselor.”

Be that as it may, exploring the complexities of the psychological healthcare system can be overburdening. A lot goes into finding a medical counselor who’s right for your needs. To help dissect the process and make it more sensible, remember these five tips while looking for the ideal medical counsel.

  • Search, search and keep on searching

Finding counseling services that work for you requires research. You can smooth out the search process by asking people for references to a well-known local counselor. Past experiences are an excellent means to measure the effectiveness of a good counselor.

If references aren’t accessible for some reason, there are numerous different places where you can begin your hunt. Try an old fashioned Google search. Many individuals depend on Psychology Today’s counselor directory. Or on the other hand, you can attempt to locate one through your insurance agency. From there, look at the surveys, go through every counselors’ website, look for papers they wrote, and search for lectures they have given to know what has an impact on you. Most importantly, pay heed to online reviews and testimonials. Utilize all information you can learn about the counselor before making a decision and booking an appointment.

All counselors do not carry licensure, and this is OK. In any case, if you decide to see an authorized and licensed counselor, check their license and education to know whether they have a state-issued permit and an lpc degree. You can get in touch with your state licensing board to check whether it is up-to-date and in good standing. You should additionally check if there have been complaints filed against the counselor regarding malpractice. In many states, such information is also available on the web. If it isn’t available on the internet, call the licensing board.

Suppose you have an insurance plan and wish to utilize it. In that case, you can contact your insurance agent to determine if there are any requirements that you need to fulfill for counseling services. Some insurance providers expect that you hire a licensed medical counselor. You should also ensure that the counselor you go for accepts your insurance plan to avoid any complications in the future.

  • Ensure that the price is okay with you

There are no two ways around it: treatment can be costly. Some counselors charge a lot of money upfront, while others can be paid via your insurance plan. Some may charge differently depending on the client’s pay scale. It’s critical to ask for charges upfront from every counselor you shortlist.

If your insurance plan doesn’t cover psychological treatment, have a go at getting counseling from grad students or junior psychological healthcare professionals working under professional counselors. It guarantees that you get sufficient guidance at a price that won’t be heavy on your wallet.

  • Take into account the gender of the counselor

It’s essential to feel comfortable and easy with your counselor’s gender since you will openly discuss all your issues with them. Women and men have different counseling requirements, usually related to social, cultural, or psychological factors. While most medical counselors are gender-neutral, it all boils down to how comfortable you are opening up to a man or a woman.

  • Never restrict yourself

If you aren’t happy with the one you hired, don’t feel terrible about going to someone else. You may have to see numerous ones before discovering a counselor that is an ideal choice for you. You should proceed with your search until you believe you feel accepted and acknowledged by the counselor. Some common signs that indicate a mismatch include feeling awkward, having communication gaps, or misdiagnosis.


Making a move to look for medical counseling for any issue is enormous. It takes a great deal of boldness to admit that we can’t confront our problems alone. Settle on an ideal choice by taking your sweet time and doing the proper research to pick a counselor that is a perfect match for you. By staying open, genuine, and ready to accept others’ advice, the process will be beneficial and productive for you in the long-run.

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