What questions should you ask your IOWA car accident lawyer?

In Iowa, there are over 8,000 attorneys licensed to practice law. Before you choose a lawyer, you should ask them the following three questions. How do you know which of the IOWA car accident lawyers is the proper one to help you with your Iowa auto accident claim when there are so many options?

By asking these three questions, you’ll be able to decipher whether your lawyer would help you with your case in the best possible way.

When was the last time you tried a car accident case in Iowa? 

It’s not as common as you would assume to find a car accident lawyer with recent trial experience. While most vehicle accident lawsuits in Iowa are settled before trial, going to trial is sometimes the only option for car accident victims to receive adequate compensation. Unfortunately, not all attorneys will represent their clients in court. If at all possible, insurance firms will avoid going to trial. They don’t want to be slammed with a significant judgment. As a result, they keep track of which Iowa car accident lawyers go to trial and which do not. If the other driver’s insurance company knows your lawyer won’t fight for you to trial, it may offer you a low-ball settlement.

How long have you been representing Iowans who have been injured in car accidents?

When it comes to working with car insurance agents, expertise counts. Knowing how to spot the techniques used by insurance companies in automobile accident cases will help your lawyer. Your Iowa lawyer’s experience will also aid in correctly evaluating your automobile accident case and discussing your legal alternatives with you. Most importantly, knowing how to negotiate a reasonable settlement will give your lawyer credibility with the other driver’s insurance company

Apart from car accident cases, what other kinds of cases do you work on?

If you’re not sure if you’re talking to a professional, ask this question. Car accident lawsuits and other personal injury matters are highly specialized areas of the law. You’ll want to choose a personal injury attorney in Iowa. You’re not searching for a general practice lawyer who will file your case alongside a stack of divorce, criminal law, and real estate closings. If an attorney responds with a list of non-injury-related legal expertise, you should search for another lawyer.


Asking these questions will make the picture a lot clearer for you so that you choose the best lawyer for your case.

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