What Qualifies as the Best Pre-Workout Food for Bodybuilders?

A workout is essential for bodybuilding but a customized workout plan is mandatory for the desired results to achieve. A customized workout plan consists of specific workouts, a diet plan, and several other factors to be focused on such as rest, etc.  For example, if your body goal requires you to use pharma grade steroids, it is also included in a customized plan.

Besides the workouts, another very important factor that needs your attention while bodybuilding is a diet plan. You will never be able to attain the targets without taking conformed foods as pre-workout foods are taken to improve the workout performances. Some of the best pre-workout foods for bodybuilders are as under:

Egg Whites

Egg whites contain plenty of protein that is much necessary content for recovery and energizing the muscles. Eating eggs a while before going for the workouts can improve activity performance and productivity as well. Further, workouts are done to tear the muscles so we may be able to rebuild those to bigger sizes. The rebuilding of muscles needs better and specific food contents to grow them bigger. Protein is one of the most required contents among them.

Protein Supplements

Protein supplements are good pre-workout foods for bodybuilders. Protein supplements of several bands are easily available in the market. They are basically isolated protein powders made out of dairy products and few with herbs. They have no side effects if chosen amongst the certified brands by the health authorities. WHEY and MY PROTEIN are the most common and trustable brands available throughout the world.


Chicken is beneficial to eat before the workout. It must be Bar BQ or boiled rather than cooked in cooking oil. The objective of eating chicken is to take protein for energizing the muscles. The chest of the chicken contains more than 30% protein and a very less amount of fats. We should avoid fats as much as possible to get a shredded body.  


Dry fruits are a good source of energy and protein. They are very useful to keep the body heated-up and active and boost up immunity. An almond contains almost 0.6g of protein. Eating 10-12 almonds is sufficient for beginners that provide 6-7 grams of protein. 

Black Coffee

Black coffee is used to warm-up the body. Using before the workout session helps much to perform at an extreme level. It is beneficial for fat loss also, so bodybuilders should use it carefully with strictly measured quantities. Including in a diet plan apart from your pre-workout schedule could also be beneficial.


Oatmeal helps you to perform a satisfactory workout if taken at least one hour before the activity. It contains low fats and high protein contents. It should be cooked in water or fat-free milk with no sugar or you may use sweetener. It is a good substitute for hunger-beating foods also.

Fat-free Milk

Fat-free milk is a source of energy and contains a healthy amount of protein. Taking it before or after workouts is equally beneficial. It also helps to hydrate the body. Milk could be used in various forms such as cooking mixtures with oatmeal, sugar-free desserts, and even with protein supplements, etc.

Dark Chocolate

The use of a small quantity of dark chocolate before a workout is beneficial for you. It gives your body instant energy that helps to lift more weights and perform the exercises more effectively. It reduces fatigue after workouts, controls the blood pressure to a normal range thus cuts down the risk of a heart attack.

All these don’t mean to eat the whole chocolate bar, as it contains sugar along with favorable food contents. So, excessive chocolate eating can produce unwanted fat in your body. In all, using these foods can help you to perform better workouts. Services of a professional nutrition expert could also be availed for better guidance according to your desired goals. They can also guide you on how to order steroids, particularly real ones. Speaking of steroids, it is important that you get them from a reliable store such as TeamRoids. It is the most reputable steroids company that offers real products at economical rates. Aside from the mentioned store where to buy steroids USA, there are more stores online where you can find a legitimate source.

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