What People Do During their Weekend Holiday?

This time, we conducted a questionnaire on how to spend the next consecutive holidays under the theme of “How are you going to spend your weekend?”

How many people are looking forward to the “three consecutive holidays” including holidays compared to the usual weekends? 32.5% of the respondents answered that they have more fun than usual weekends, such as “I feel like I have plenty of time when I have three consecutive holidays” (female 40s, Aichi prefecture).

Among the free answers, there was a conspicuous voice that “I am excited just to have more days. I am excited from the stage of making a plan what to do” (female 30s, Gifu prefecture, etc., the tension rises just by having more days off. On the other hand, only 8.5% of the respondents said, “I’m not happy (troublesome) more than usual weekends”, mainly because “I work part-time at a family restaurant, so I also work on consecutive holidays. You can also take your partner to an expensive resort on your coming weekend to change the atmosphere and do tons of romance. Temptation Resort is a perfect gateway for your weekends.

 People engaged in the service industry are rather busy, such as “I’m sure I’ll be busier than usual holidays because the event will be held in a nearby park” (female 40s, Tokyo).・ You can afford to relax at local events such as “Help for 3 days on Saturdays and Sundays” (male 50s, Tochigi prefecture), “I will be driven out from 7 am for cleaning work in the local area” (female 50s, Fukui prefecture) Some people said that it wasn’t there.

The most common answer was “same as usual weekend” (59.0%). “I don’t go out because there are so many people everywhere I go” (female 40s, Fukuoka prefecture), saying that she spends her time at home as usual on weekends. There were many people who said that they couldn’t feel like leisure for three days because they had a short sash, such as “If it’s a week, the three consecutive holidays are odd” (female 40s, Okayama prefecture).

The real intention of housewives is “the day when domestic work increases”, and the seniors are “the same on consecutive holidays and weekdays”

How about gender?

The voices of “more fun than usual weekends” (male = 32.5%, female = 32.4%) are almost the same for both men and women. On the other hand, 6.1% of men said that they were less happy (more troublesome) than usual weekends, while 11.0% of women were more than 4.9% higher. Against this background, “Housewives have to prepare’lunch'(for family holidays). If you are alone on weekdays, it’s easy with rice balls” (female 40s, Ibaraki prefecture), etc. Many women regarded it as “three consecutive holidays = a day when housewives’ domestic work increases”, and there was a difference in perception between men and women.

Next, looking at the voices saying “I have more fun than usual weekends” by age group, I showed a high figure of 46.1% in my 20s, but gradually it was 31.2% in my 40s and 26.9% in my 60s. Decrease. Furthermore, it dropped to 20.0%, which is the lowest among those in their 70s and over, and it became clear that they did not have a special uplifting feeling in “three consecutive holidays” with the age. The main reason is that seniors who live on pensions, such as “Grandfather and grandfather living together, every day is a consecutive holiday” (female 60s, Fukushima prefecture), can say that “there is no change between consecutive holidays and weekdays”.

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