What makes Toblerone Chocolate Attractive and Different?

The consumption of chocolates for a long time has been associated with the problems like diabetes, hypertension and coronary heart diseases. It is also a notable point that the chocolates are made from cacao tree which is among the best sources of antioxidants. There are several studies that have proven that chocolates can improve the health and lower the risks of heart diseases. Also, it has been proven that chocolates can control the cholesterol levels in the body. You can simply enjoy the delicious taste of chocolate after checking the ingredients of chocolate and finding the best suit for your health.

Toblerone is a chocolate bar which was originated in Switzerland. This chocolate bears the symbol of the city on the logo. This is a famous chocolate bar that is made up of milk honey and almond nougat. Its famous triangular shape makes this chocolate very unique and attractive. The Toblerone has a great taste experience has is being loved by children’s and adults. Since this chocolate is made up of the finest raw materials. The chocolate bars once enters in the mouth gets dissolved quickly and reawakens the taste buds. The yellow coloured packaging and printed red letters add much more grace to the delicious Toblerone bar.

History of Toblerone Chocolate

The history of this chocolate begins in 1868 in Bern. Jean Tobler first was the owner of a pastry shop in this city, then he decided not only to sell chocolate and other sweets, but also to produce them himself.

The factory that Jean Tobler created together with his sons in 1899 was called “Fabrique de Chocolat Berne, Tobler & Cie”. The iconic triangular chocolate profile was invented in 1908 by Theodore Tobler, son of Jean, and Emil Baumann. The chocolate consisted of nougat, almonds, honey and milk chocolate. The name of the chocolate is a combination of the pastry chef Tobler’s name and the Italian term “torrone”, which was used to denote a special kind of nougat. The brand was registered in 1909 in Bern.

In 1969 Toblerone launches dark chocolate and in 1970 white chocolate. In 2007, a new taste of chocolate was introduced – with nuts and raisins. There are several versions of the appearance of an unusual shape of chocolate. According to one of them, chocolate resembles the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps. Another version says that Tobler’s creation was inspired by variety dancers who build a living pyramid at the end of the performance. By the way, if you look closely at the logo, you can see the outlines of a Bernese bear standing on its hind legs.

Chocolate has left its mark on politics as well. The so-called “Toblerone Case” is known, which is associated with the name of the Swedish political activities Mona Salin, who, using a working credit card issued by the parliament, spent more than 50,000 SEK, buying, among other things, two Toblerone chocolates. It turned out to be a scandal and M. Salin had to withdraw his candidacy for the post of Prime Minister of Sweden.

Due to the purchase of Toblerone chocolate, the well-known Swiss politician withdrew from the post of prime minister. In 1995, Swedish politician Mona Salin spent over SEK 50,000 using a work-shopping credit card (taxpayer card), buying, among other things, two Toblerone chocolates.

The case received widespread publicity and became known as the Tobleron Affair, and Saline was forced to withdraw her candidacy from the post of Prime Minister of Sweden. He returned to politics only in 1998.

You can imagine that this famous Toblerone chocolate turned 100 years old in 2008. The pastry chefs celebrated all autumn. For example, to participate in the chocolate festival in Bern, the world’s largest “Toblerone” bar with a traditional triangular toothed shape weighing 100 kg was made. It could have claimed to be included in the Guinness Book of Records, but the authors did not apply: “It is much more important for us to bring joy to lovers and connoisseurs of our chocolate,” they modestly noted.

But the Swiss set a different world record: four days off 100 thousand residents of Geneva, Basel, Bern and Zurich glued together empty boxes to construct a tower out of them. The Bernese proved to be the most agile; their tower reached a 5-meter height in record time. And the mayor of the city, Alexander Cheppet, compared the invention of the sweet triangle with the discovery of the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein!

In total, more than 500 thousand people took part in the festive celebrations that took place in all major cities of the country. The brand also released a book dedicated to the centenary.

The largest international airports have literally turned into “temples of Tobleron”, decorated with decorative installations in the form of chocolate packages.
At Zurich Airport, on an area of ​​30 square meters, Kraft Foods, together with duty-free operator Nuance Group, organized an exhibition on the “history of Toblerone” and installed a giant 2.5 m high Toblerone Fruit & Nut packaging mock-up.

Excitement also reigned at Frankfurt International Airport, with Toblerone advertisements being shown on displays, and tourists taking part in a draw for a trip to the Swiss Alps.
Dufry Brasil, a Brazilian duty-free operator, noted that due to the brand’s centenary celebrations, sales on that day were the highest in the entire month.

Toblerone Chocolate

Switzerland is famous for the production of good chocolate. Toblerone chocolate is simply impossible to tear yourself away from. How can you not become a sweet tooth! Pieces of nougat and nuts … And that taste of honey … um …

Great chocolate for dessert or as a gift for someone. They say that chocolate cheers you up, especially Toblerone!

Toblerone is a triangular chocolate made by the Swiss company Kraft Foods Switzerland … One of the most popular Swiss export products, Toblerone nougat chocolate, was launched in Bern a hundred years ago. The story of the inventor of chocolate, Theodor Tobler, is told on Suisseworld.

In 1899, confectioner Jean Tobler from Bern, together with his son Theodore, founded a chocolate factory. Theodor and his cousin, Emil Baumann, invented the famous Toblerone in 1908, a triangular chocolate with a honey-nut flavor that included nougat, almonds, honey and milk chocolate. He soon patented the recipe and name for chocolate.

The very name of the chocolate is a combination of the pastry chef Tobler’s name and the Italian word torrone – an Italian word for a sweetness made from protein, hazelnuts or almonds, honey and sugar – nougat. For many years it was believed that the triangular shape came from the famous Swiss mountain – the Matterhorn. But now the company’s historians have denied this legend.

When the product entered the market in 1908, the image of the Matterhorn was not yet on the packaging or in advertising. The famous mountain began to decorate the wrapper only in 1970.

But another legend about the triangular shape of chocolate did not find support from historians. There was a version according to which Theodore Tobler was inspired by the dancers of the Parisian variety show Folies Bergeres. Tobler, who was in search of a chocolate shape for an alternative bar, found an inspiration either in the pyramid that the girls lined up at the end of the performance, or saw this shape in the structure of the legs of the participants in the spicy revue. However, this hypothesis has not found documentary evidence.

The third version says: Tobler chose the pyramid as a symbol – Freemasonry. The Order, indeed, plays a significant role in the economic and political development of the country, so that anything is possible. In any case, this philosophical background does not affect the taste of chocolate.

At the company, no one ultimately knows how Toblerone became triangular. It must have been a wonderful insight. Many people do not notice that there is a bear hiding in the image of the Matterhorn, symbolizing the city of Bern, and if you look in the lower right corner, you can also see the outlines of a fish.

The name Toblerone and the unique shape of the chocolate were registered in Switzerland in 1909. Now it is a world-class brand, known primarily for its triangular packaging.

This chocolate is easily recognizable as there are so many cool commercials that win awards at advertising festivals. And the packaging design attracts the eye with its originality and novelty. I would like to buy these chocolates!

There are many flavors of this chocolate, it is believed that until you taste everything, you will not choose which one you like best. It is felt that manufacturers do not save on quality and really want to keep their consumers. Of course this chocolate is not cheap, but it’s worth it !!!


The famous Swiss milk chocolate “Toblerone” is triangular in shape. Contains splashes of honey and almond nougat. Differs in delicate creamy taste and rich aroma.

Toblerone is a Swiss chocolate brand owned by the American company Mondelez International (formerly Kraft Foods). Toblerone is sold in many countries in Europe, America, in duty-free shops at international airports.

Toblerone has a long but not very rich history. It all started when the Swiss entrepreneur Jean Tobler opened his small pastry shop in Bern in 1868. At first he sold products from other manufacturers, but in 1899 he decided (together with his sons) to create his own factory.

Toblerone is a triangular chocolate with unrivaled taste. There are several versions of the appearance of an unusual shape of chocolate, according to one of them, chocolate resembles the Matterhorn mountain in the Swiss Alps. Another version says that Tobler’s creation was inspired by variety dancers who build a living pyramid at the end of the performance.

Ingredients of Toblerone Chocolate

  • Sugar
  • Whole milk powder
  • Cocoa butter
  • Cocoa mass
  • Honey
  • Almonds
  • Milk fat
  • Egg white
  • Milk chocolate and milk fluids

Toblerone chocolate can be a great gift idea for your friends, family or relatives. This chocolate has been available in a customized form online. You can simply order the chocolates according to your requirements and you will get the name or quotes printed on the chocolate from several online stores. Thus, this candy bar is a perfect gift for parties or birthday purposes. If you are thinking about surprising your loved one then you can simply go for the seriously delicious Toblerone bar with the customized packaging. This chocolate bar will be absolutely the same as the other Toblerone bars available in the market but with a unique packaging according to the customer.

The Price Issue of Toblerone Chocolate

“The price of a product for consumers in the UK is the most important selling point for a product,” says Daniela Philipp-Sabelko, Mondelēz Austria and Switzerland Representative.

“We decided in this particular case to reduce the weight and keep the original price to keep the product affordable,” she explained in an interview with swissinfo.ch. According to her, the lighter version of the bar will be sold almost exclusively in the British chain of cheap supermarkets Poundland. Mondelēz International does not plan to sell a lighter version of Toblerone chocolate on the Swiss market.

Toblerone chocolate is produced exclusively in Switzerland, at a factory in Bern, and then exported to 120 countries around the world. About 97% of the total production of chocolate bars is exported, the main distribution channels are duty-free shops. As a reminder, on January 1, 2017, new legal conditions will come into force in the Confederation, giving this product the right to claim the label “Made in Switzerland”.

According to them, only chocolate can be considered “Swiss”, which at least 80% was produced from Swiss raw materials. The market has two years to adapt to new conditions. Despite the fact that the company Mondelēz International will have to spend much more in the future than before on the purchase of chocolate made from expensive Swiss ingredients (we are talking, first of all, milk and sugar), refuse goods labeled “Made in Switzerland “The company does not want to anyway. Probably, here we should look for the reasons for her “tricks” with the new packaging.

Why Toblerone chocolate will rise in price

Swiss chocolate maker Toblerone is bringing back the original shape of its bars after shoppers took a particularly negative view of a marketing ploy that reduced weight and altered the product’s appearance but was not properly marked on its packaging. Together with the return of the original shape of the chocolate, its cost will also increase.

In 2016, the confectionery company Mondelez reduced the weight of the bar from 170 grams to 150 grams to avoid price increases, locking the price at 1 pound. The new version of Toblerone chocolate had more space between the traditional triangles, which in the original were supposed to resemble the peaks of the Swiss mountains, for which its shape was compared to bicycle stands.

The new chocolate bar, which will soon appear on store shelves, will be 33% heavier, but its cost may rise by 200%. The MSRP for the 200-gram bar will be £ 3.09, with large supermarkets and large retailers able to sell Toblerone per share for £ 2–2.5. And this will be another hidden price increase that will fall on the shoulders of buyers.

Glenn Caton, Mondelez Nordic Representative, notes that changing the shape of Toblerone chocolate in 2016 was only a temporary solution. He agrees that this approach had a negative impact on the long-term, as it damaged the image of the bar, which has become a cult for many generations of chocolate consumers over more than a century of history.

Mondelez says the company has revised its range of Swiss chocolates and will release them in formats that are loved around the world. The 150 gram Toblerone bars are no longer in production and will soon run out of stock in stores. Chocolates of 100 and 360 grams remain on sale.

Two years ago, Toblerone chocolate makers were forced to experiment with bar sizes and weights due to a spike in the price of cocoa beans. In 2017, the value of cocoa in the global market increased by 23%. This trend continues this year due to the closure of illegal plantations in Côte d’Ivoire, the world’s largest cocoa producer, as well as due to an increase in global demand for chocolate. An analyst at the financial institution Rabobank notes a significant increase in the consumption of chocolate, especially those products that contain a high percentage of cocoa and are considered more healthy.

Swiss Toblerone got a British copy

The famous Swiss Toblerone chocolate is considered to be one of the most popular and recognizable all over the world. How can you resist its delicate taste ?! So Great Britain could not resist and decided to grab a piece of the glory of Swiss chocolate. More recently, chocolate has appeared in the United Kingdom, which in all its appearance resembles Toblerone. (Portal “Switzerland Business”).

The British company Poundland has launched its own chocolate, which in all its appearance resembles the famous Toblerone.

A bar of chocolate weighs 180 grams, which is 10 grams heavier than the Swiss original. Its cost is 1 pound, which is approximately 1.25 francs.

However, its key feature is its appearance. British chocolate has a similar oblong shape, only the triangles are not lined up one by one, but in pairs.

Like Swiss chocolate, British sweetness is mountain-shaped. In the British version, we are talking about a natural landmark – Wrekin Hill, 407 meters high, located in the west of England. By the way, the choice in his favor was made for a reason: the hill is located just near the headquarters of Poundland.

The chocolate wrapper is made in a similar yellow color, which is adorned with the name of the product in red letters. British chocolate was named not after the hill, as you might think at the beginning, but after the famous American TV series – “Twin Peaks” (Twin Peaks)!

According to Poundland manager Tina Locklin, the name “Wrekin is too difficult to pronounce, so Twin Peaks was chosen.” One thing is clear: with such popular associations, buyers will definitely pay attention to the products.

In the Confederation, the news of the copycat was greeted calmly: after all, there were always more than enough people willing to copy Swiss chocolate. However, true connoisseurs always go back to the original. The Confederation argues like this: if you copy, then the original has value.

However, the calm reaction did not stop the owner of the Toblerone trademark from suing the British copycat. Find out how Mondelez’s case against Britain’s Twin Peaks ended.

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