What Makes Ludo Stand Out From the Rest of the Board Games

It is a known fact that no other board game comes close to the popularity that ludo enjoys and the love it receives from enthusiasts all around the globe. The centuries-old game has a rich and interesting history, and currently, it is enjoyed by people in both online as well as offline modes. 

Similar to all other board games, there are certain ludo rules that players need to follow, irrespective of whether they are playing the game online or offline. 

Besides having rules, the classic board game shares numerous similarities with other games of the genre. However, certain factors make it stand out from the rest of the board games. Here are some of the most prominent factors:

Simple Features, Simpler Gameplay

One of the main reasons why ludo enjoys the popularity and recognition it does is because it has the simplest features and gameplay out of all other strategy-based board games. For instance, chess, a prominent strategy-based board game, has complex features, i.e., players need some time to get well-versed in. 

Ludo, on the other hand, is a completely opposite case. Thanks to its simple features, objective, and gameplay, players are able to quickly adapt to the game and start enjoying it with their friends or family members. The primary objective of players in ludo matches is to ensure their tokens reach their respective bases before their opponents’ pieces do. 

Similarly, the gameplay is also very fun and lighthearted – players need to roll the dice and march their tokens around the playing board. They also need to eliminate opponents’ tokens to enhance the competition quotient. To conclude, this aspect of ludo is what makes it the go-to board game for most people.  

Highly Accessible in Both Modes

Ludo is enjoyed by millions of people every day in both offline and online modes. People who choose to indulge in the game in the offline mode use a physical ludo board, a dice, and playing pieces as per the number of players. 

In terms of the online mode, players use a reliable online ludo game to indulge in virtual ludo matches against friends or anonymous opponents. As opposed to physical ludo equipment, players simply need a smartphone and a reliable Internet connection to enjoy the game online.

As clearly evident, the game is highly accessible in both modes and formats. Physical ludo equipment is available in toy or general stores throughout the globe. Similarly, thanks to the popularity of online ludo, numerous free iterations of the classic board game are readily available on the Internet. Hence, ease of accessibility is another major reason ludo surpasses every other board game in terms of popularity. 

Features Age-Appropriate In-Game Elements

Another major reason ludo stands out from the rest of the competition is that it does not feature a single inappropriate element. Let us elaborate on this point. There are many strategy-based board games with millions of fans around the globe. Monopoly is one of them. 

Despite being fun and beneficial to players, the game has certain elements and features unsuitable for children. For instance, “Jail” or “Prison” on the physical Monopoly game board is not age-appropriate. Similarly, Dungeons and Dragons is another popular board game that features gory elements, which is why minors or children are advised to abstain from indulging in the game.

Coming to ludo, it is a simple and fun strategy-based board game that checks all the right boxes regarding age-appropriateness. Due to this, people of all ages love to play the game offline and online. 

Perfect Socializing Outlet

Board games like chess require players to play matches quietly. However, the case with ludo is the exact opposite. When playing matches, players often indulge in friendly banter, which increases the fun quotient significantly.

In the case of online ludo matches, most games offer an in-game voice or text chat feature using which players can talk amongst themselves during matches to nullify monotonicity. 

This makes ludo the perfect game for socializing and having an enjoyable time. In fact, due to this reason, most people play ludo at intimate social gatherings and parties. This is one of the many reasons why ludo stands tall in front of all other rival board games. 

Advantageous to Players in Multiple Ways

All board games are fun and entertaining to indulge in. However, there are only a few which offer players actual physical and mental benefits. The classic ludo board game is one of them. Whether players play ludo online or use physical equipment to indulge in offline board games, they get benefitted in multiple ways. 

For example, indulging in ludo matches frequently helps players get rid of excess stress and accumulated anxiety, both of which are extremely common among the masses. Besides reducing stress and anxiety, playing ludo also increases the brain function of players and triggers endorphins release, which makes players feel good and happy. Moreover, ludo also betters the cognitive capabilities of players.

A common myth circulating the globe for many years is that all games are harmful. Ludo is one of the few games that shatters the myth. Children, especially those in the growing stages, are advised to indulge in ludo matches by doctors since it helps in their development. 

Many board games have come and gone out of trend, but ludo has managed to stand its ground in terms of popularity. All of the aforementioned factors contribute to making the game stand out from the rest of the board games that have similar features.