What makes Airtel a popular Internet Service Provider (ISP)?

India is one of the countries with not only the largest population but also with one of the largest number of internet users. Indians also have the choice of choosing from near 350 internet service providers or ISPs. While many ISPs do not operate on the national level and provide services beyond a particular region, the competition between the bigger players remains stiff. That is why, in order to come out as the top ISP, the bigger companies provide differentiated and top-class services, keeping in mind the needs of nearly a billion people of the country. Airtel is one of the few top ISPs of India that has not only reached the top but has stayed there through a decade of providing fixed-line broadband services in the country. There are several reasons because of which make Airtel one of the most popular ISPs among a diverse group of users. Here are the top factors which help Airtel make this enormous task possible.

  • Unlimited Data – Some reports claim Indians consume 12 GB of average data over the course of the day. For the consumers, it makes sense to have an internet plan with unlimited data. Keeping that in mind all Airtel internet plans provide unlimited data to the customers. This also means that the customers do not have to worry about spending any extra amount to recharge their internet with a data top-up before the month ends which is appreciated by the budget-conscious customers.
  • Fast data speed – Unlimited data goes hand in hand with fast data speed. The data speed of the connection can drop due to the Fair Usage Policy or FUP limit being consumed by the customers. To avoid this kind of situation all Airtel internet plans also come with a high FUP limit of 500 GB. There are also premiere options such as the VIP plan which provides 1 Gbps speed which is the fastest in the country.
  • Affordable plans – All ISPs need to provide affordable options to the customers who have a limited budget; however, want to enjoy the benefit of having a reliable and reasonably fast internet connection. The most affordable plan of Airtel is the Unlimited Plan at INR 499 and providing the data speed of 40 Mbps which is among the fastest in budget categories.
  • Airtel Thanks Rewards – All Airtel broadband plans come with rewards benefits such as the Airtel Xstream app, Wynk Music app, and Shaw Academy subscriptions. The plans of INR 999 and above also have a subscription to Premium OTT apps such as Zee5, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ Hotstar.
  • Free router and calls – All Airtel broadband plans also include free high-speed internet routers as well as free local and STD calls through the landline. Airtel also allows free calls through WiFi calling which can also provide better signal strength indoors.

These are the few factors that have contributed to the success of Airtel as an ISP. If you too want to join the Airtel Broadband family and enjoy these benefits, you can head to the Airtel website, go to the broadband tab and click on buy new connection.

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