What Makes a Good Personal Injury Case?

Personal injury cases have been a hot topic in the American public eye for the last forty years.  Media inflates the numbers and makes them seem outrageous and overdone, but the fact is many people don’t sue even when they have the right to.

If you’re questioning whether your injury case is worth pursuing, you’re not alone: but there are ways to make the decision.

You Can Show the Suffered Injuries

Whether your injuries were just financial or were a mix of physical and financial, if you can clearly show these damages and how the other party is at fault, you have a great case on your hands.  If you’re in a massive car crash, ensure that everything is documented as clearly as possible.  If you’re injured at work, and your job refuses to take responsibility, try to get a copy of all communications to protect yourself.

You Have Clear Paperwork of Treatment or Professional Opinion

When you get treatment for a physical injury, or your financial status suddenly changes severely from the injury, make sure that you document everything.  This means keeping copies of all emails, paperwork, conversations, and medical information that you can get your hands on.  If you feel like you’re gathering too much information, the chances are that you could probably still use more.

Your Lawyer Offered to Take it at Contingency

A personal injury lawyer can spot a good case a hundred miles away.  If they’re so sure that you’ll be able to win, or at least settle for a great amount, that they offer to take the case as a contingency fee arrangement, this means you have a great case on your hands.  Tragically, you’ve had to go through something so terrible that makes it obvious, but it should give you peace of mind that professionals can see your suffering.

It’s Against a Multiple-Offending Party

If the person you’re considering suing has done this before or currently has other lawsuits open for the same thing, this is a case worth pursuing.  Not only can you gain your due amounts, but also so that this party knows that they can’t keep doing this to people and thinking that they can get away with it.  You deserve to be able to recover from your injury, and in doing so, you can help protect other people from ever experiencing it.

You’re Not Willing to Accept Less Than You Deserve

If you’re not willing to settle for the minimum amount, and you’re clear on your value and the need for it to be recognized, it’s a good idea to go to court!  Ninety percent of personal injury cases settle before they ever make it to court, and of those that become actual lawsuits, only ten percent are successful so you have to be as confident in this as possible.  You deserve to gain back the monetary support necessary for your ability to heal and move past this injury, and if a lawsuit is what it takes- don’t let these percentages scare you away.

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