Twitch Streaming, also known as Video Game Live Streaming or simply Twitch Streams, is a live-streaming system where people can watch people play games online. These are often called video game streams because the majority of these videos are usually recorded on some sort of console or computer gaming device.

These streams are usually streamed on sites like and then embedded into articles that discuss the featured streamers or events. However, this is not required to watch a stream; one may go to their website directly and find the chat room for the streaming person’s channel which will actively show messages from viewers of the stream in real time.

While almost every popular streamer has an easily accessible place for viewers to chat, not all of them actively participate in these conversations, but it does still allow the viewer to see what the other people are thinking about.

What is Twitch Streaming?

The streamers themselves keep their channels by creating content for their viewers. This can be done through streaming video games where they commentate over the game that is being played or it can be done much like a podcast where they discuss topics that interest them with anyone who is watching at the time.

Some streamers even have sponsors, like the famous slot player/streamer Roshtein, who is sponsored by Stake and some other online casinos too.

Why Do People Do It?

People watch twitch streams for many reasons. Some people watch because they enjoy learning how to play particular games while others simply enjoy listening and watching experts talk about the things they know and love. Still others come and watch to learn new skills from some of the best players in the world, like Roshtein.

In essence, it does not matter what the people are watching or where they watch from as long as there is an audience to create a conversation with. Video game streams are, in essence, an active form of entertainment that allows people to have conversations with others about the activity being presented.

Conversation is important because it helps viewers learn about new things they may not have known before while also giving them a platform to talk about their interests with others who share it. Video game streams provide platforms for these conversations so they can happen instantly in real time between people all over the world.

What do People do on Twitch apart from Video Gaming?

There are three main types of broadcasters on Twitch:

  • People who play video games and talk about them for an audience.
  • People who play video games and do things other than talking for an audience.
  • People who stream themselves doing anything else, like cooking or creating art, with the commentary aspect removed entirely.

These categories create what is called Creative Streaming, Games Done Quick Events (where people speed run games to raise money for charity), and Personal Streams (which anyone is free to start once they obtain a high enough follower count).

Creative streaming is exactly what it sounds like; it’s live gaming where the broadcaster does something artistic while playing in real time. These include painting pictures, creating music, or cooking a complicated recipe. Basically anything that’s creative and has been done before can be streamed, provided the person knows what they’re doing.

Some people gamble on live stream and do all sorts of other zany activities for their viewers too. Twitch has something for everyone!