Marketing Strategy of Spotify

Spotify has made a remarkable comeback and is now a music streaming service for millennials. In more than 100 markets, it currently has over 299 million customers.

Spotify offers music on a global streaming service where consumers can listen to their favorite artist’s top musicians, create playlists, promote their music, and strengthen relationships with fans.

It was created in Spotify in 2006 with the straightforward idea of preventing music piracy support artists in receiving their payments more morally.

Due to its simplicity and marketing strategy, it now hosts the majority of the best up-and-coming singers and songwriters, and local musicians.  is a place to learn more about Spotify’s marketing approach and benefits they are exhibiting by choosing the music tracks from Spotify.

Spotify is one of those effective marketing strategies used by successful entrepreneurs in the market. 

Spotify’s marketing mix

Analysis of marketing mixes includes several elements that together make up the marketing plan for that specific brand. Let’s examine Spotify using the 4 Ps of marketing: Product, Price, Place, and Promotion.


Music streaming is an offering of Spotify. Spotify completely transformed the way people listen to music from the days when people bought CDs, cassettes, and other media.

You have the choice of downloading music offline or online on Spotify, depending on the type of account you have.

Additionally, Netflix Premium accounts let users choose the material kinds they desire, block all adverts, and do much more. Music can only play online with free accounts.


We are all aware that we can get content for free or through paid subscriptions. Since Spotify uses a freemium pricing model, free users will hear advertisements while using the service, bringing in money for the company.

Four premium pricing models are available for selection, depending on the user’s needs: Family, Student, Individual, and Duo. From one country to the next, prices vary.


Before, music was dangerous. You can purchase CDs, cassettes, or radio broadcasts, or you can download music.

They’re not all that easily reachable. Spotify came onto the scene as the global internet was experiencing a boom.

Therefore, Spotify is an internet music listening service that allows everyone around the globe to access the content.


The primary method of promotion used by Spotify was social media. Facebook and influencer marketing point.

Additionally, because Spotify is such an organic and user-friendly product, word of mouth played a significant role in its growth.

The professionals planned and developed strategies to continually expand the product with this in mind.

Spotify’s Marketing Methodology

After viewing the company overview, we now have a better knowledge of the offerings and marketing elements of Shopify.

Let’s examine Spotify’s marketing approach better understand how it became the most widely used music streaming service today.

Only a few competitors can equal Spotify’s user base. Spotify’s marketing approach is not static; it is constantly changing.

Spotify doesn’t just adopt the most recent fashion; it also creates fresh trends to market itself. Let’s analyze Spotify’s marketing plan, then.

Freemium software

On phones, desktop computers, and even laptops, Spotify has made the freemium concept accessible. A user will hear an advertisement every three to five songs.

These commercials serve as a means of bringing in money for the business. No free user able skip the promotion, play in shuffle mode, or even skip tracks without an advertisement.