What is the dark web?

You must have heard people saying that XYZ company got hacked and they leaked the data of the number of users which are up for sale on the dark web. But have you ever thought why only on the dark web and what dark web actually is?

If you are curious to know more about this dark web, then you have reached the right page on the internet. This article is going to be a detailed guide on the dark web. I will include everything right from what is the dark web, how it works, the dark web illegal, and other stuff.

So, without any further ado, let’s get started-

What is the dark web?

The dark web, often known as the dark internet or darknet, is a decentralized network of internet sites that never gets indexed by search engines. These sites are know as deep web links or dark web links.It is primarily designed to maintain user anonymity and privacy as much as possible, and therefore, users need to use specialized web browsers to access this part of the internet.

These specialized browsers use routing technology that relays your traffic through multiple servers and encryptsit at every single step.Furthermore, these browsers block trackers and advertisements that can be used to track your real identity. This type of top-security really helps in both legal and illegal activity. For example, the dark web is widespread for buying and selling hacked data,while some notable secret organizations use it to communicate secretly.

Who created the dark web?

Given the name of the internet’s darkest place,where illegal activities are very common, you would be surprised to know that the dark web was actually designed and developed by the US government.They created it because they knew that surveillance on the open internet is extremely easy.

The prototype of the dark web was created by researchers of the US Naval Research Lab. They primarily designed it so that spies and other US-based secret organizations can use this platform to communicate secretly.

However, they knew that if there will be only a limited number of users on this network, it will become very easy to track down traffic. Because of that, they decided to release this dark web, aka TOR Network,openly so that it will become more and more challenging to track down traffic, and as a result, the TOR Network went live in 2002.

Six years later, after the official release of the TOR Network, the TOR Project released TOR Browser. It was designed to make it easy to navigate the dark web.Even though TOR Browser is one of the best ways to surf the dark web safely, it’s hard to tell whether it is reliable or not. Strongly I advised use always use best VPN software like NordVPN with Tor for full anonymity.

Who uses the dark web?

Even though the dark web was designed by the US government, it is an open-source platform,and literally, anybody can use it. However, due to its extreme security and anonymity, it is being used by different types of users. Depending on the uses, we can classify these dark web users into two separate categories –criminals and non-criminals.

Talking about criminals, a significant majority of dark web users are either criminals or the ones who are somehow involved in illicit activities. They use the dark web because it gives them top-level anonymity and privacy.

The dark web is the easiest stop for them to buyor sell illegal stuff that is hard to find on the surface web. For example, you can easily procure stuff like hacked user account details, hacked bank account details, child pornography, details of hacked PayPal accounts, and other digital stuff.

Not only that, but back in the time, there was a website named Silk Road Market, which was prevalent to buy and sell illegal stuff. That darknet website was used to buy and sell illicit drugs, weapons, counterfeit money, hiring assassins, purchasing and selling secret information, and other stuff.

However, this illegal marketplace was shut down by the US government in 2013, and its founder, Ross Ulbricht (aka Dead Pirate Roberts), was sentenced to life in imprisonment without any parole. Even though the US government took down Silk Road, many other alternatives came as a replacement, and most of them are still functioning.

But there is also another group of people who are not into criminal activities. They mainly use the dark web because of its strong security and anonymity. Such people use it to communicate or share highly sensitive or volatile informationwithout being tracked by the government or any other secret organization.

For example, back in 2010, TOR was very widely used by activists during the uprising of the Arab Spring. Not only that, but many other journalists, human rights activists, and whistleblowers use this platform to share confidential documents and communicate secretly.

Is the dark web illegal?

It is the most common question about the dark webamong people,and the single-word answer is No.

The dark web is not illegal, and it can never be. It is just a part of the internet that uses top-level security, encryption, and other technology to offer an anonymous place to roam around without worrying about the sketchy eyes of the government and other secret organizations.

The dark web is just like the shady place of your city where you can find some drug dealers, prostitutes, and other types of people who are involved in some sort of criminal activity. Just roaming in that place is not illegal, and you can never be legally penalized for that until and unless you involve yourself in some sort of unlawful activity.

However, since that is a shady place, you might find people who can harm you, and you might end up risking yourself.Basically, if you are on the dark web, then you will be around hackers and other people. So, you just have to be a bit cautious about the information you enter on the dark web – Ideally, you shouldn’t be entering anything that can reveal your identity on the dark web.

Even though it is not illegal, I would never advise people who don’t have basic knowledge of security and privacy to visit deep web links or the dark internet. Even though you can use TOR or other encryption, a single mistake on the dark internet can ruin your life completely.

Closing Comments

There you have it – a thoroughly written article on the dark web.

The dark web is just another part of the internet, like the surface web or deep web, and because of that, it is not illegal. Even, in reality, it is just a tiny part of the deep web that is just more secure than any usual deep web website. However, the dark web has been reported as a hub for a lot of illicit activities. Therefore, if you want to use it, you have to be careful about your security, privacy, and what information you are entering on the web.

I don’t think after reading this article, you will have to visit any other website to seek information about the dark web. However, we will soon release a thoroughguide on how you can access the deep web linksor dark internet safely.

With that said, here I am signing off.You can share this article with the people you think who should know about this mysterious part of the internet.

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