What is the Best Way to Invest in Riga

If you’ve been following the international financial news and are looking for incentives for investors abroad, you’ll have heard about the gorgeous city of Riga, Latvia.

This hidden gem in the Baltics offers a thriving economy, a young and dynamic workforce, outstanding business infrastructure, and a cool European feel that can help you launch your business or expand abroad without compromises.

A great place for seasoned investors, businesses, and individuals, Riga city can help you generate maximum ROI and discover a better work-life balance.

In this article, we’re going to explain why you should invest in Riga and highlight some of the most compelling opportunities available.

Why invest in Riga?

Riga offers the ideal investment environment to help you expand your portfolio and generate maximum ROI whilst enjoying all the benefits that this Baltic city offers.

An innovative and highly skilled workforce

When investing in a new city, you need to know that you can benefit from an innovative and skilled workforce who can help drive your business forward. Riga offers exactly this and much more.

The high standard of education attracts students from around the world and ensures that the talent pool is young, multilingual, highly motivated, and keen to grow their careers.

Excellent incentives for investors

Whatever your sector, you’ll find an investment incentive that meets your needs. This includes Workcation Riga 2022, Green Channel, business loans, and much more. If you’re looking for residency in a European country, you could also get it by investing in real estate in Latvia.

A low level of saturation

By investing in Riga, you can take advantage of the low level of market saturation and affordable prices. As a result, it’s significantly easier for startups and businesses of all sizes to develop their ideas and grow their revenue significantly than in other better-known European cities.

A business-friendly environment

With high-quality coworking spaces, one of the fastest internet speeds in the world, and low business overheads, Riga provides an outstanding environment for global organizations and savvy investors.

The business-friendly taxation system, numerous opportunities and incentives and affordable wages mean that Riga is fast becoming one of the most popular Baltic cities for growing businesses.

An ideal location

Wherever in the world you need to be, you can travel there stress-free thanks to the 100+ direct flights from Riga’s airport to the rest of the world. Thanks to its location in Northern Europe, it’s also perfect for organizations that want to benefit from both European and Asian markets and foster optimal growth.

An outstanding quality of life

Invest in Riga and you’ll also benefit from a low cost of living, a safe and welcoming environment and gorgeous, lush landscapes that can help you reclaim your work-life balance whilst expanding your investment portfolio.

Where to invest in Riga

Looking for investment opportunities in Riga is relatively straightforward when you understand the opportunities available to you. They include:

Real estate

Individuals and businesses alike can generate an excellent return on investment via the property market in Riga. Both residential and commercial properties are highly affordable and can generate a rental yield of around 4% or sell for a substantial profit.

Financial and global business

Startups and established businesses can find the ideal environment for launching new projects and expanding globally.

With low overheads, super-fast internet speeds, low salaries, and a range of investment opportunities, Riga city has established itself as one of the best foreign business locations in the world.

High value-added manufacturing

The manufacturing industry in Riga has continued to go from strength to strength over the past 100 years with a focus on electronics, optics, and lens manufacturing.

As innovation continues to grow and supply chains strengthen, Latvia could become the leading European city for cutting-edge smart materials in the 21st century.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)

Startups and businesses working within the ICT sector love the fast internet speeds and young, highly educated, multilingual workforce available in Riga. Whether your business is in IT, Telecom, software development, cloud solutions, AI, automation, or robotics, you’ll find all the talent you need here to compete on a global stage.

Film industry

With special funding offered by Riga City Council and a lush landscape ideal for filming on location, Riga offers everything investors need to produce beautiful media abroad. Over 195 registered film producers and studios are already active here and you could benefit too.


Whether you’re a startup, a global business or an individual, Riga offers some fantastic investment opportunities that can help you launch your new project, grow your business globally or create a high-revenue investment portfolio for outstanding future success.