What is the best Roulette game to play?

Roulette is the most popular casino game that exists. Although many sources might say Blackjack is the more popular, it isn’t true, as Roulette can be played by casual players while Blackjack is an expert game for those who not only know the rules but know how to gain an edge.

Roulette, in its simplest form, is a game where you place your bets on Red/Black in the hope you’ll win what is essentially a coin flip and double your money in the process. A lot of people place bets on numbers, for fun, and this is as far as the casual player will go.

There are roulette variations that offer so much more than the basic experience, or/and will offer better odds and a better chance of winning. French Roulette is the first on the list as it offers a reduced house edge on bets such as Red/Black. Any casual player who places such bets should be playing French Roulette, as the house edge is reduced from the usual 2.70% to 1.35%.

And then there are games such as Quantum Roulette and Lightning Roulette. These two are live dealer games, which means they are actually played at online casinos, but with a live video stream of a human dealer, you can interact with while you place your bets using the on-screen console. Live dealer games have increased in popularity in the last couple of years.

Quantum and Lightning Roulette are games in which you can actually get a win multiplier, up to 500x in both cases, and these multipliers are always applied only to the numbers. Meaning, you have to place your bets on numbers, one number at least, to get a chance to land that win multiplier.

This kind of game practically demands you to have fun – there’s no way to play one of these two games and not jump with joy as you hit that huge win multiplier. These are action-packed versions of roulette, and they’re only available online, at select online casinos.

Compared to these online live dealer games, the usual brick-and-mortar games are inferior as they always offer the same old game. Sure, it’s a fun experience and everyone loves visiting real casinos, but in terms of gameplay, live dealer games are second to none.

It must be said, there is a third version of roulette that was the only one that’s available online for many many years. It’s automated roulette that uses a random number generator to produce spin results. This type of roulette is the worst and no one should play it, as a real ball isn’t used, it’s basically just a computer game you place your bets on. Not worth the effort.

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