What is Robotic Spine Surgery: All You Need to Know

What do you know or understand about robotic surgery? A surgeon performs robotic surgery while the robot acts as the assistant during the surgery. Robotic surgery involves using small incisions, hence less scarring, and faster recovery. Using robotic equipment to perform surgery allows the surgeon to be more precise and flexible, enhancing excellent results.

Other than what most individuals presume, a qualified surgeon performs the surgery and not the robot. East Brunswick Robotic Spine Surgery uses advanced robotic techniques to treat various chronic conditions, including back pain. Contact NJ Spine and Wellness today to schedule your consultation.

What is Robotic Spine Surgery

What is robotic spine surgery?

Robotic spine surgery involves state-of-the-art robotic technology to boost the surgeon’s skills. The surgeon uses the robot to enhance the accuracy and flexibility of the procedure.

It involves the use of top-quality imaging technology. The surgeon uses body CT scans clearly showing your spine structure to prepare pre-surgical plans.

Besides, the scans provide detailed information about your spine including, your bone quality and the intended results. The surgeon puts the surgical plan into the robot’s computer to give the spine an accurate and clear vision.

Robotic spine surgery is ideal for treating lower back pain conditions, complex revision surgery, and scoliosis.

What are the benefits of robotic spine surgery?

Robotic spine surgery is a form of minimally invasive surgery. Most specialists recommend for its wide range of benefits, including

Small incisions

Unlike traditional open surgery, when performing robotic spine surgery, your surgeon makes small incisions. Hence promotes faster recovery, fewer scars, and reduced damage to the surrounding tissues.

Reduced risks of complications

Robotic spine surgery enhances precision; thus, there is a minimal risk of complications and mistakes during the surgery.

Faster recovery

Robotic technology allows the use of tiny incisions and cuttings during the procedure that enhances faster healing.

Improved safety

Advanced minimally invasive surgery focuses on restoring the body’s function and promoting a normal life routine. Robotic spine surgery enhances patients’ safety through the accuracy of the procedures.

Less time required

Robotic spine surgery takes a shorter time to complete compared to traditional open surgery. Besides, patients usually have reduced hospital stays and may not take medications for long.

Reduced blood loss

Robotic surgery involves fewer cuttings hence preventing blood loss.

What conditions does robotic spine surgery treat?

NJ Spine and Wellness use robot-assisted surgery to address conditions such as

·         Herniated discs

·         Scoliosis

·         Degenerative disc disease

·         Spondylolisthesis

·         Kyphosis

How does robotic spine surgery work?

Your provider starts by taking a CT scan of your spine to provide a detailed visual of the spine. Then he uploads it to the robot.

He then attaches the robot platform to the patient’s spine to enhance accuracy.

What is Robotic Spine Surgery

The surgeon then takes two fluoroscopic images. Then attaches a 3D marker to the mount and matches the intraoperative images with the pre-operative scan.

The final step involves the surgery, where the robot guides the surgeon on what to do.

Why would you need robotic spine surgery?

Your provider may recommend robotic spine surgery for cases such as severe back problems that do not respond to other treatments.

Robotic spine surgery is not for everyone hence the need to consult with your provider before deciding.

Consult a robotic spine surgeon today

If you experience persistent back pain that does not go away even after an extensive treatment plan, robotic spine surgery may be your solution. Call NJ Spine and Wellness offices today to schedule your consultation.

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