What Is Eco-Friendly Packaging Made Out Of

Thanks to how much the environment has been messed up over the years, there’s a need for eco-friendly material.s The idea has forced most retailers worldwide to switch to eco-friendly packing measures as they seek to conserve what’s left of the environment. Consumers have welcomed the idea as they’re aware of the damaging impacts caused on the environment by plastic. Companies like PackQueen are leading the way with innovative packing material, making the packing business an eco-friendly place. So, what makes these eco-friendly packages eco-friendly? What exactly is the packaging made of?

Eco-Friendly Packaging:


When you’re taking eco-friendly packaging, most of them are made out of paper. Paper is recyclable, reusable, and biodegradable.

Bagasse Paper

This is from extracted sugarcane fiber pulp juice. You can typically find this type of packaging in food service providers.

Corn Starch

Instead of plastic, you can use starch-made packing as they are biodegradable. These are used mainly when you’re packing fragile items instead of using plastic bubble wraps.


When packaging heavy items, the use of cardboard is ideal. The cardboard should not be laminated for it to decompose efficiently.

Recyclable Packaging Material

Some packaging can be recycled as it can be a challenge trying to source raw material to produce them. Some of these recyclable packaging options to consider are:

  • Some plastics – takeaway tubs, plastic bags, milk jugs, pet bottles, and shampoo bottles.
  • Some metals – steals used to contain food can be recycled.
  • Glass
  • Paper
  • Cardboard

Aim for using Eco-friendly Packaging

There are other reasons why eco-friendly packaging has been embraced today other than environmental reasons alone.

 Here are a few:

  • Eco-friendly packaging cuts back on expenses
  • Easy recyclable packaging
  • Use of renewable material
  • Do away with toxic material use in the production of packaging material

Different Types of Packaging Options

Canvas tote bags – Tote bags are becoming familiar with people seeking to do away with plastic bags. These bags are made of jute plant skin and green fiber. They also provide a durable and sturdy option as opposed to plastic bags. Tote bags are the ideal grocery shopping bags and can carry bulk items. They’re also stylish, and you can use your own branding for your own canvas shopping bags.

Eco-friendly Labels – Not many people look at the label as a piece that can be harmful to the environment. But as small as they are, they can add up to the waste that’s already there.

Eco-pouch Packaging – For coffee companies, packing coffee in plastic containers can be an environmental hazard. Some eco-pouches can be used for the same and with greener benefits.

Eco-pouches are made of renewable wood pulp, and they can turn compostable in just 85 days.

Eco-Box – When using cardboards for packaging, you need to ensure that they are made of 100% recyclable material. Ensure that there’s any lamination on the packaging cardboards that you use.

Act Right / Pack Right

Making the environment safe is a task that everyone should embrace with minimal fuss. And when it comes to packaging, that’s an excellent place to start since when you shop, you need packaging. Now you know, it’s time to act right, so you better start packing right

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