What is CCIE DC?

CCIE Data Center is noted to be the highest certification level, presented by Cisco systems within the data center domain. There you have the CCIE Data Center certification training, which will validate skills of planning, designing, implementing, and then managing the complex form of IT DC infrastructure.

More towards the training module

This form of CCIE Data Center training section is always best for those experienced professionals associated with data centers and willing to get some of the leadership roles and in-depth knowledge of the emerging data center technologies.

  • The certified expert will help you to know more about the requirements of data centers.
  • It will focus on the inter-operations of the various DC components.
  • Moreover, the Cisco CCIE DC lab learning with SPOTO lab will also provide you with the chance to learn how to translate it to the device configurations.

Some of the reputed centers out there are presenting the best training sessions within your locality and offering the latest Cisco devices to learn. The training is provided as pee the blueprint of the CCIE Data Center. 

The training is presented on the latest DC devices, which will easily prepare you for the upcoming CCIE Data Center exam. The training is further provided on some of the most updated DC training infrastructures as per the checklist over here.

Now for the prerequisites

If you want to be a part of this section and are willing to learn more about the CCIE Data Center training modules, then there are certain prerequisites that you need to follow first. But those are quite generic. 

  • You need to have an in-depth knowledge of the CCNA concepts, as the only prerequisite needed to be a part of this training module. 
  • Once you have passed the exam, you will be held eligible for the CCIE Data Center certification exam.
  • Experts will further ask the candidates to gain some of the best work experience before they can apply for the certification training module here.

Get trained by the professionals

Once you have selected the best training center CCIE Data Center training, you will get in touch with the best trainers over here. They are big professionals in their respective fields and will help you to get the information you have been looking for. The experts are more than happy to share their theoretical and practical knowledge with you regarding CCIE Data Center. They will share some of the real-life experiences to help you know what to expect from real life.

The outline of the course

Once you have planned to be a part of the CCIE Data Center training module, you will come to know more about the course outline. So, let’s focus on that point first and then proceed further to the next steps.

  • Here, you will learn design, implementation, and troubleshooting complex L2, L3 technologies, followed by the external fabric connectivity.
  • Moreover, you will learn to troubleshoot network services, redirection, and service insertion as well. You will learn configuration and troubleshoot DC storage protocols.
  • Well-trained professionals will help you to learn how to design, implement and troubleshoot DC storage-based networking features, computer connectivity, and virtual and physical endpoint connectivity.
  • Moreover, you will get the chance to implement and troubleshoot compute resources and DC automation and orchestration tools.
  • On the other hand, you get the chance to integrate the Cisco Cloud offering into the present DC infrastructure.
  • There will be designing, implementing, and troubleshooting policy and some of the non-policy-based Internal Fabric Connection. 
  • Students will further come to know more about the fields of designing, implementing, and then final troubleshooting infrastructure policies and elements.

Apart from the points mentioned above as part of the CCIE Data Center, you will enjoy in-depth knowledge of some other evolving technologies like Network programmability or SDN, Cloud, Internet of Things or IoT, Automation and Orchestration. 

Preparing you for the written exams

to enter the field of CCIE Data Center, you need to pass a two-hour written qualification exam to cover equipment and concepts commands related to Data Center Networking Infrastructure. After that, you will be held eligible to schedule the much-needed lab exam. So, make sure to prepare yourself in the best possible manner when it comes to CCIE Data Center training values.

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