Is Betfury a Reliable Casino

Betfury team was inspired by Satoshi Nakamoto and developed the cryptocurrency platform, the fastest growing social gaming site. Recently they launched BetFury 2.0. It brings a new gaming platform. In this Betfury review, we will describe in detail what is Betfury?. On this site, your gambling experience will be wonderful. By this review, you will get a detailed understanding of this betting site

You can enjoy the best gaming platform with the benefits: BTC, TRX, Rank VIP system, BTT Dividend pools, USDT, Cashback up to 25%. It is very easy to get revenue on BetFury —you just play and increase getting BFG tokens!

What is Betfury?

BetFury is a crypto-casino site founded in 2019. The site is developing day by day. There are several reasons for BetFury being very popular in the bitcoin betting community.

They give their internal games along with renowned providers’ games and Slots. By Boxes feature, you can earn free bitcoins. You can get a share of casino revenue if you could mine tokens by playing games on the site.



BFG is a utility token for income-generating and profit-sharing. BFG token gets value because of the ability to get dividends, which upsurges interest and demand for this asset, bonuses, and promotions.

What is Betfury Bonus?

BetFury has a BTC Dividends pool. You will get a reward for playing. BFG is Betfury tokens and is used for profit sharing. When a gamble is placed, several are placed into the game pot. Anybody who bet BFG tokens is entitled to something from daily drops. BetFury boxes are obtainable for all persons. You will select a box when you register to the site. You should decide what would give you higher winning. By referring others to the site every day you will get more rewards


BetFury provides facilities that fit daily crypto traders’ and investors’ needs. Even if designed for bettors, some of these services are the same presented by crypto investment platforms. So what are Betfury features?


You could earn cryptocurrencies by playing the games supported by the platform. If you check every game you play, you could track the system’s impartiality. This process helps you to confirm that no one knows the results before gambling. You could find statistics for each game.


Now people can lock their coins and get extra BFG. The additional BFG is the part of the whole BFG which is not in flow yet. The coins that are farmed are fixed.  The percentage of return depends on the number of people bet on their BFG.



You could claim rewards in any currency supported by BetFury if you hold BFG tokens.

Every day The betfury platform gives 3% of its entire profits. You would get the bonuses as per the number of BFG you are staking. The main cryptocurrencies supported for staking are BTC, TRX ETH, BNB, and USDT.

There are other cryptocurrencies supported. Yet, the platform manages them according to its functioning needs. These currencies – among which you could find UNI, BAT, LINK, and OMG – serve as sub-pools. Each month, 50% of the sub-pools that extend $50,000 or more refill the main pools. The remaining is left for the upcoming month. Now you know what is Betfury Staking?



This service helps you to get several of your lost coins back. You can recover up to 25% of your losses, Depending on your rank.

Sports gambling

Sports gambling

This feature helps you to place bets on sports games. There is a definite section dedicated to the Olympic Games that lets you gamble using cryptos. Even if the service is presented only in USD and EUR,

What is Betfury BFG Tokens and Dividends Pool?

The best thing about BetFury is its profit-sharing system. The player could mine BFG tokens with each bet. players will get an equal share of casino revenue and it is very much fair. The more you play, the great tokens you could mine. And so, larger dividends payoff you will get. In the dividend pool, the players could see the total bets they made in all currencies.  The dividend shares are paid every 24 hours. 3% of the pool is dispersed every day to the BetFury players. Your share depends upon your number of staked BFG tokens. 

You could track the BFG tokens numbers you have mined and the projected profit Under the Staking tab in the menu. There are now two kinds of BFG tokens –BFG (BTC) and BFG (TRX). The Tron BFG was applied from the beginning of the BetFury project. Then BTC was added to the site for gambling Bitcoin. As dividends are larger in the bitcoin pool, it is more lucrative for you to bet with bitcoins. That is more than with iron chain currencies.   

Depending on the selected game, the number of BFGs mined would vary. On slots, you would mine more BFG tokens with a given gamble amount. by the in-house game, you will lose money quickly. In the end, it may be very close either way. But on definite games (i.e., Dice, Coinflip). you will not get any mining feature in live casinos and table games. 

What is Betfury Referral Program?

The referral program of BetFury is a lifetime award for inviting new persons. Players could get a 15% bonus from the platform. The more friends are created – the higher the award is.

What is Betfury PAYMENT METHOD?

Deposits and withdrawals are hassle-free. You will be ready to bet anytime, anywhere, link your wallet. The website links to Tron Wallet and exchange-wallet similar Changelly. Otherwise, users could tie their accounts straight to the coin’s wallets.

Use the free box aspect to get free bitcoins; otherwise, use the Deposit box to fill up the account. Using a desktop browser, you could access the cashier window by clicking deposit or withdrawal switches. Within it, you could select your crypto from a menu and do your deposit. 

There are no least otherwise largest deposit bounds, and there are no deposit charges. Select from existing cryptocurrencies. Those are Tether, Bitcoin, BitTorrent (BTT), SunToken (SUN) Ethereum, and Tron. Send funds to the created address and wait for approval. For people who do not handle cryptocurrencies, or want to purchase more crypto, there is a tab Buy Crypto.

Mobile Version

BetFury presents the best betting experience on mobile devices. BetFury casino site could have created a confusing experience for mobile players. Though, the casino’s design team streamlined navigation on mobile devices to stop clutter in betfury apk. The website performs fine on slow mobile internet networks.

Security and Licenses

Universe B Games B.V. possesses BetFury USA Casino. Thus, you could expect to have a good gaming experience here. The online casino is licensed by Curacao Gambling Commission. BetFury Casino follows the rules and regulations of online gambling to keep up their license.

The licensing contract is evidence that BetFury is a safe online casino. Thus, if any problem happens, the issue would first be resolved by the operator’s client support team.

Client Support

Once involved with the Betfury site, there is support at all times. It is 24/7. While you click the link, there may be a few minutes of waiting time. Along with the probability to interact, a section may permit you to find the reply to your problem.

Praise and Criticism

You could realize that BetFury is a fairly new casino. However, they are affecting the market. As stated by, BetFury is the project with the fastest-growing rate in 2019.

Betfury no deposit bonus

As BetFury is a crypto Dapp, there is no deposit bonus. Still, you have other methods of gaining more from the casino. For example, you may do different everyday tasks and get money bonuses. Some in-house games let you win jackpots.

FAQ on Betfury

Is betfury legit? 

Betfury is a decentralized legit I-Gaming site founded in 2019. And it is developed using the blockchain and TRON (TRX) ecosystem. 

How do I register for betfury?

The registration on BetFury is easy. You could sign-up either with a Gmail account or by Metamask, TronLink wallet, or Binance wallet.
BFG tokens of BetFury are got by placing gambles at a rate of 1 per 0.00009 BTC. 

How much is the bfg token worth?

Today’s BFG Token price is $0.02689, down 2% over the last 24 hours. 

What is the Betfury BFG coin?

BetFury Token (BFG) is graded as the #9190 cryptocurrency by market cap.

What are betfury points in Fortnite? 

BetFury point is that you get awarded when you bet your coins. if you lose coins, you would still get BFG.

BetFury Verdict

Now you come to know what is Betfury? BetFury is an exclusive platform. It is a very good place for people seeking to bet on online games. BetFury has loads of benefits.  It is legal to make a passive income if you want to do crypto trading. The bettors will have fun there and they will be completely secured. And frequent promotions would add more to the player’s total experience.