What Is A Virtual Machine And How Does It Work?

A computer works with the cooperation of both software and hardware. Hardware is the physical component of a computer while software is not the physical component. It is an operating system that helps in running a computer or a laptop.

Usually, people install windows and MAC (the operating system used in apple) in their laptops according to their wills, that is what sort of O.S they want to use. But, sometimes there is a need arises in people that they want to use any software at a time.

For that, they are in search of certain solutions that would be helpful for them. But first what people will think of having two laptops at a time and then installing operating systems separately in them, which is a laborious task also it does not work proficiently.

Here, you need a system that will solve this issue and that is VIRTUAL MACHINE!!

What is a virtual machine?

A machine that is not physically present but is still there and working proficiently is known as virtual machine. Virtual machines help run operating systems whilst have one computer and operating system at a time. If you are having windows 7 or 10 installed on your computer and you want to change it with another operating system like Linux or with any other. You are keen on changing software from time to time then the best option is virtual machines, desktop,s or virtual computers.

With the help of this amazing operating system, you can install any type of operating system or you can remove it any time!! The best thing about virtual machines is that they create another computer in your computer without buying and setting another set of computers, this process is known as virtualization. 

Types of virtual programs

There are many types of programs that we use for this purpose, some of them are free while some are paid according to the needs that are required by a person.

  1. Virtual box
  2. VMware workstation player
  3. Microsoft hyper-5
  4. Oracle virtual box
  5. QEMU
  6. Solaris

How virtual machines work?

Before mentioning the steps that how to set up the VM on a computer, let’s first understand how does it work?

Before the process of visualization, you have a computer with a physical system of a CPU, memory disk, networks, and some applications installed in it.

After the process of visualization, you have the same physical systems as we mentioned above and with the addition of two virtual machines which are now sharing the resources of physical systems. Where the physical system is termed as a guest and the virtual system is termed as a guest. The virtual machine here is working as a hypervisor.

The virtual machine does not have its hardware, but it uses the resources of the computer. Multiple virtual machines exist in a single host at any one time.

How to setup virtual machine in a computer?

Let’s understand this by installing a virtual box program in windows 10. Virtual box enables users to install any software at a time. It runs on Linux, windows, and etc. Setting up a virtual box is quite same in all of these operating systems. You have to follow these steps;

Step no 1; download the virtual box and install it on your laptop or computer.

Step no 2; download the operating system on your computer first, like windows 10 or any other operating system with its specific versions.

Step no 3; while your virtual box is installing, you can click on the start button up on the screen on the left side.

Step no 4; by clicking the new button, there is a page opened on your screen, where it asks you to type the name of an operating system that you want to choose for the computer, for example windows 10. The virtual box will guess the version but there is an option to change the types. It’s up to your will.

Step no 5; you have to accept the things that the page is being asked in the wizard. It’s fine to use the default setting as well.

Step no 6; now you have to click the start button and the virtual machine got open.

Step no 7; after starting up your virtual machine you have to select the ISO image file (an archive that contains a same copy of that file) that you want to choose. The virtual machine will download the operating system. It will ask for some setup but that would be the same as a previous one. So you don’t need to worry.

And you are done!! Windows 10 is now successfully installed and running inside a virtual box machine in a virtual box.


Virtual machines make it much easier for you to install any software on your computer. You need specialized laptops for that, a laptop should have the right specs to get the setup run.

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